Why the Olympics is 15 times more expensive than human life?


Почему медаль Олимпиады в 15 раз дороже жизни человека?

No need to give cars to Olympic medalists. Why? Because it is immoral and illegal. There is no such law to account for the people handing out the medal winners of the Olympics products of the German automotive Industry.

No country in the world does not. All gentility because we have, as you delicately put it, Mr. Pawlowski, “a fad becomes a state institution.”

As announced, each family of the deceased 11 February in crashed an-148 of the promised 4 million. 1 million will give the authorities of the Moscow region, where the crash occurred. 1 million rubles — the Governor of the Orenburg region, where the dead come from. Another 2 million rubles insurance.

And what was granted, for example, the Russian medalists after the Olympic games in Brazil? The order by President Vladimir Putin — this time.

Gold medalists raped by 4 million. Silver and bronze were appreciated below. That’s two. Yes, from the Prime Minister of the Cabinet of Dmitry Medvedev the same award.

Allegedly from the Russian Olympians Foundation, which is actually the “Horn and hoof”. That’s three. And depending on the color of the medal winners gave heaped up “BMW” 4-6 million rubles Each. A total of 12-14 million. Not sickly?

Like, it’s all a fraudulent scheme. Do the German car Industry the government order for several hundred cars, will get good kickbacks.And sell at commercial prices.

A grandiose presentation of the keys medalists is for excuses, the information veil. Not casually there is no official report on the number purchased for the Olympic medallists of cars and total expenditure on them.

And so more than 10 years. Where they take crazy money, if budgetary last years “hole 1.2 trillion.RUB?

So, maybe after this Olympics in South Korea, Mr. President does not need to luxuriate? Maybe it’s time to stop “automotive fur coat from a lordly shoulder” during hard economic crisis?

If only because, again, that it is illegal. And secondly, no winter Olympic team of the country. And there are “athletes of Russia”, acting in a personal capacity. Without a flag, anthem, emblem and all state symbols. Renegades!

What are the awards to them, if they are from this state and all of us denied? If each represented only himself? In the richest US after the Brazilian Games “gold” medal issued for 25 thousand dollars and all.

And the President of Lithuania Dalia Grybauskaite, told the media, gave his two winners for the bronze… perfume purchased at their own expense.

And we have after the Olympics in Rio it turned out another lovely detail. About 40 winners of 56 “served” in the defense Ministry, emergencies Ministry, interior Ministry, Regardie where trained on all ready.

Generals and commanders of the security forces separately celebrated their winners. Other to complete the program encouraged the governors and other well-wishers.

In total, the estimated media, each winner received a round of $ 1 million or 60 million. And now back to the plane crash of An-148.

Remember? 71 the victim. 13 full orphans. What will be their fate?

Why is the Olympic piece in Mr. Putin’s is valued at 15 times the price of a human life?


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