Why the elderly need to eat fat and how much?


Почему пожилым надо есть сало и в каком количестве?

The doctors told why the elderly need to eat fat and how much. If until recently it was believed that the fat for those who said the 55-year anniversary, under the ban, the new data completely refute this theory. Let of cholesterol in this product are many, but there are also a number of useful properties for organism.

How much fat can you eat older people

Почему пожилым надо есть сало и в каком количестве?Include fat in the daily diet of people in old age is not just possible, but necessary. It is important to only have it metered. Nutritionists agree that the 30 gr. – the maximum daily dose for a healthy person.

It’s a great nutritional value, because in 100 grams. crude fat contains up to 800 cal.

Don’t forget that we are not talking about smoked and salted, namely fresh fat. Though it is not as tasty, but definitely useful, in contrast to analogues with carcinogens. Doctors urge elderly people to abandon meat products, which arrives in stores with mills: is fat “is filled with” artificial additives, improves the taste, appearance and prolong the life of products.

There are fat better with rye, but not with white bread, which slows down the digestion of food.

Excellent seasoning to fat will be sauerkraut, pickled cucumber and fresh vegetables and herbs. Onion, garlic blend, complementing the taste of fat, but eat them plain with potatoes — it is dangerous. A “tandem” impairs the digestion of fatty food.

Than fat is beneficial for elderly people

Почему пожилым надо есть сало и в каком количестве?In fat contain arachidonic acid, which contributes to the strengthening of the heart muscle, because the product is useful for those who suffer from pathologies of the cardiovascular system, and also for its prevention. From the same acid dependent lipid metabolism, disorders that occur with age. To normalize the outflow of bile, preventing its stagnation, also forces the fat.

With all the beneficial properties exceed the daily rate is not recommended: more is not better, but rather dangerous and fraught with negative consequences for the organism.

Oddly enough, but numerous studies have confirmed that fat is “good” cholesterol, which fights “bad”, thereby protecting the blood vessels from plaque, narrowing their lumen and causing the clots, heart attacks and strokes. Because fat is an excellent prevention of atherosclerosis.

What diseases can be treated fat

Почему пожилым надо есть сало и в каком количестве?If you have any chronic diseases, that with age, quite naturally, it is reasonable to consult with your doctor before you decide to eat fat. If he agrees, then you can safely consume about 30 grams. fat every day. Patients with varicose veins of the needs to afford a fat, at least from time to time.

It makes sense to apply this product topically, applying thin slices of unsalted fat in the area of the veins, securing a bandage.

By far the fat can only be used in complex therapy of varicose veins, otherwise it will be ineffective. Certainly need to follow all the recommendations of the attending physician, is strictly their doing.


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