Why six years Putin wants to be the guarantor of the Constitution


Зачем ещё шесть лет Путин хочет быть гарантом Конституции

Talking Putin traitors not spared, and its not losing. But how to explain the indifference to Putin, those whom he appointed to exercise state power?
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Can you doubt the complaints of ordinary citizens, can you not trust the judgment of the opposition, but to ignore the requests of those appointed into power, and they perform their duties honestly serve the Law, guarantor of the Constitution can not. But the facts prove it – maybe.

Public written request to the guarantor of the Constitution, a Federal judge Dmitry Novikov , revealing the essence is no maraimova in the country of tyranny, proves it. Helped a Federal judge, the guarantor of the Constitution, Putin is not established in the Krasnodar region justice did not punish those that illegally enriched themselves, becoming judges, farmers, worked with the Federal judge tyranny.

In Europe, officials and deputies receive for their work wages that do not exceed 2-6 times the average salary in the country.

In such an economically wealthy country like the United States Senator may not receive pay 8 times higher than the average salary in the country.

Russian deputies and officials receive salaries in 20-25 times the average salary in the country.

How can this be in a country where members of the government publicly acknowledged that millions of Russians receive 7 thousand rubles a month?

Moreover, only in Russia there is a huge difference in payments.

Judges receiving allowance from 100 thousand rubles to one million rubles per month, receive a pension of 85% of salary. Ministers and deputies, receiving from 800 thousand to half a million rubles a month, receive pensions amounting to 75% of salary.

A veteran of labor with seniority more than 50 years, receives a pension of 15-18 thousand.

Military retirees that have served 25-30 years, receive a pension from 20 to 27 thousand.

Media reported that the highest salary in 2016 was the Minister of Finance — 1.73 million RUB per month, but he is in 2018, and will index the wages by 4%. However, this joy will deprive 15 million working pensioners.

Exercising state power, Putin has repeatedly talked about the need for specific, not ostentatious fight against corruption. Even signed and promulgated a special law, p. 8.p. 2, article 235 of the civil code, allowing to deprive of officials of the property if they can prove the legitimacy of the possession.

The scale of embezzlement of budget funds tens of billions Even ordinary colonels manage to store in their homes billions, but six years p. p. 8, paragraph 2, article 235 of the civil code, does not find wide application.

Preliminary calculations show that the application of anti-corruption legislation would allow one-third reduction in law enforcement, on the trillion to replenish the Treasury by increasing pensions and social benefits significantly.

Staff Putin could make more accurate calculations and to stop criminal enrichment is not only his appointees, but all officials. To stop this life when all the police and the UK every day close my eyes, shut off the mind and conscience, seeing what cars come to work with their colleagues in which they live in apartments which have a garden, some resorts rest.

They understand that this is not on salary, and is the guarantor of the Constitution, Putin does not understand this?

About the torture proceedings, which increased the annual wrongful convictions about 700 thousand defendants alone their confessions, Putin knows and understands. But publicly admitted their impotence in the fight against not frightened “werewolves” in the power structures

There is no hope that realizing the injustice in wages, pensions, the need to protect those appointed to exercise power, and they serve the Law, realizing the importance of combating criminal enrichment, Putin will not sign once again in his impotence.

Media reported that about 60% of the respondents do not go to the presidential election in 2018.

It seems to me that these data actually reflect a relationship to the fact that due to the activities of Vladimir Putin as the guarantor of the Constitution.

Vladimir Osin, the lawyer


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