Why Shoigu is preparing to replace the “Cobra” promising tank shot


Зачем Шойгу готовит на смену «Кобре» перспективный танковый выстрел

Close coordination of the Russian military-industrial complex and the army — the merit of the Minister of defence Sergei Shoigu. About Federal news Agency said military expert of the Fund “public diplomacy”, the representative of the expert-analytical club “the Future today” Sergey Prostakov.

Change “the Cobra”

Promising tank shot is being developed in Russia on change to the managed 125mm shot “Cobra”. In an interview with RIA Novosti said the managing Director of the company-developer of this project, the KB Tochmash named Nudelman Valery Makeev.

“At the present time on the basis of scientific and technical reserve, obtained in the development of serial tank guided missile “Cobra”, are a promising development,” he said.


Зачем Шойгу готовит на смену «Кобре» перспективный танковый выстрел

Shoigu creates a starting point for new models of military equipment

© mil.ru / Press service of the defense Ministry


“Cobra” is a complex of controlled arms of the tank with the radio command guidance of caliber of 125 mm. It is designed to combat enemy tanks, low flying helicopters, armored vehicles and objects small.

The Experience Of Syria

Sergey Prostakov said: the experience of modern warfare shows that the importance of ground forces and their weapons such as tanks, did not decreased. They have to meet the new requirements, are the new theaters of war, but their significance remains quite large.

“You can verify this on the example of the war in Syria, conflict on the territory of Donbass, where tanks were an important component of the opposing forces, the possession of which was sought by all parties, and gave a large advantage on the battlefield.

Therefore, development of tank weapons is a necessity, and that creates a request to create, as in this case, new equipment”, — said Sergey Prostakov.


Зачем Шойгу готовит на смену «Кобре» перспективный танковый выстрел

Shoigu creates a starting point for new models of military equipment

© The Federal news Agency / Evgeniya Avramenko


According to military experts, the introduction of new equipment will significantly expand the opportunities available even in service models, and can be a starting point for creating new models of military equipment. The creation of such new ammunition, the speed of response to changes in the military allow to speak about existence of structured interaction of developers of military equipment and army, their fruitful collaboration.

“The Russian military-industrial complex is emerging from a period of decline in the 90-ies, now again becomes not only the basis for the country’s defense, but also a place of creation and introduction of new technologies.

And created a system of closer coordination with the armed forces, constantly responsive to their needs, is a merit of the Ministry of defence, his leadership in the face of Sergei Shoigu,” — concluded Sergey Prostakov.

Previously, the FAN reported that the nuclear submarine “Severodvinsk” conducted a successful launch of cruise missiles “Caliber” directly from the wall of the pier. It was an unpleasant surprise for NATO.


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