Why Rabbi Arthur Schneier presented Metropolitan Kirill with a Golden Apple?


Remember, as a famous Ashkenazi Rabbi Arthur Schneier – one of the masterminds of the project of transformation of Astana in the world religious center – gave the then Metropolitan Kirill of so-called “Adam’s Apple” made of pure gold. The writer set out to solve, which means this gift. And here’s what I managed to find.

Most researchers on this question agree in the opinion that the “Adam’s Apple” – symbol of the Illuminati and then one of the highest initiations in Masonic structures. I am skeptical of the idea that Metropolitan Kirill (gundyaeva) “dedicated” in the higher ranks of Freemasonry, even though he opened the recent Ecumenical inter-religious dialogue in Astana. The truth must be somewhere nearby. And now – a stumble on the information that Golden Apple is the original symbol of the power of the Khazar khagans.

Зачем раввин Артур Шнайер подарил митрополиту Кириллу золотое яблоко?

To illustrate, a fragment of the Catalan map of 1375, which shows the ruler of the Golden Horde with the “Golden Apple”. On the map the Volga flowing into the Caspian sea (here, the direction of the North – down), at the Volga river Delta – the rate of the Khan of Sarai, the top right – Western coast of the Caspian sea and the city of Tarki and Derbent.

Зачем раввин Артур Шнайер подарил митрополиту Кириллу золотое яблоко? 

The Golden Horde, with Batu Barn built their legal framework and considered himself a successor to it of the Khazar khanate. It is also known that “the Golden Apple” Khazar Hagan was a state symbol as the Kumyk shavkhalov and the Hungarian kings of the Arpad derived from Kabar, a breakaway in the IX century from the Khazars. There is a very plausible theory that Ashkenazi Judaic tribe of the Khazars, broken at the time of Sviatoslav the Brave.
Can’t be the Ashkenazi Rabbi Arthur Schneier doesn’t know about the original symbolism of the “Golden Apple”. The gift of the Jew means, who they are, in fact, considered the Patriarch of the former Soviet Union – Hagan. For those who don’t know Khazaria was ruled by a tandem back-Kagan. Beck was a full-fledged master, waged wars, executed, and collected taxes. Kagan was a sacred figure, like the high priest. From time to time Hagan was sacrificed and ritually sacrificed. This information can be found in open sources – seek and ye shall find.

I recommend his book “the cross and the sword” which describes the opposition of Arabs-Muslims, Christians-the Alans and the Khazars, the Jews. In it I described in detail the ritual sacrifice of Kagan. If someone believes that two khagans in a row does not sacrifice, he is mistaken on this account, the Jews would never consider it and merge at the first opportunity. Its function it even exceeded – more to compromise of the Russian Orthodox Church, as did the current its head, is simply impossible.

Senkin Stanislav

Source http://stas-senkin.dreamwidth.org/221127.html

According to the Arab sources we know that the cloth of the Royal tent of the Khazar Kagan, who fell into the hands of the Arabs as a trophy, gold was embroidered a “pear-shaped” (and/or almond) sign. This sign is present in the ancient stone tombs. We can assume that Kagan “pear-shaped” sign, reminiscent of one of the letters of the ancient alphabet, were probably depicted on the above-mentioned objects, the symbols of Royal power.

On the other hand from the sources it is also known that the silk tent of the Khazar Kagan (921) flaunted “the Golden Apple” (“Altyn Alma”, “Altyn-top”). That is why the Khazar khagans for this reason called “Altyn Alma padishar” (kings, having their character “the Golden Apple” (Fahrettin Kırzıoglu).

Source http://kumukia.ru/k-istorii-gosudarstvennoj-simvoliki-kumyikov.html


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