Why Putin is in no hurry with the statement once again become the guarantor of the Constitution?


Почему Путин не торопится с заявлением вновь стать гарантом Конституции?

Media have reported that Putin will announce the participation in the elections in December.

Allegedly the Kremlin seeks to make a short campaign and not to start it ahead of time, which will keep the hardware monolith, will not allow to intensify the internal political contradictions. Create intrigue and discussion of how Putin will nominate his candidacy from the party “United Russia”, which was created or the independent candidate.
Show completely…

It seems to me that Putin is trying to find the answer to the question: “How many Russians wishes to continue such a life?”

How not to think, but it turns out no more than 35-40% of the 110 million having the right to vote, if we go to elections the independent candidate and even less if the party “United Russia”, which Russians enjoy less respect than LDPR and “Fair Russia”.

What could motivate Putin to attempt to become the guarantor of the Constitution for the fourth time?

The absence of his environment and is able to defend Russia’s interests in the international arena, is able to perform the duties of guarantor of the Constitution, is able to control his appointees.

But today we see that few people considered the interests of Russia at the international level. Media handshake with trump presented as the latest foreign policy achievement.

Anything good does not promise to Putin and the search is able to be the guarantor of the Constitution. Such a head of state, gaining the authority of the Russians, first the Executive order will apply universally to thieving officials p. p. 8, paragraph 2, article 235 of the civil code, as it is doing now with the property of Colonel Zakharchenko, who for 15 years of state service had a legitimate income of 12 million rubles, and in fact, had a fortune of 9 billion rubles. It comprises 27 apartments and cars in the elite areas of the capital

How many colonels with the same or even greater property while in Russia it is not revealed?

In addition, the Russian Constitution stipulates that all are equal before the law. So, it is not only to officials to apply p. p. 8, paragraph 2, article 235 of the civil code.

Why are complicit in the plundering of the Treasury businessmen, samonazvanie the elite of society, afford to waste and wait when law enforcement authorities collect evidence about the criminal origin of their assets, as it did with the property and Bank accounts of the Director Serebrennikov, presenting him with the charges, and the court seized?

Subparagraph of paragraph 8 of paragraph 2 of article 235 of the civil code of such work is not required. If, for example, has the property of a million, but earned only a hundred thousand in the Treasury return 900 thousand. Everything is simple and without any extra costs.

I think such action and return trust to the power of the President of Russia.

Under any circumstances have neither Putin nor the new guarantor of the Constitution will not get along with appointees that now exercise authority. And here is why.

Here the Vice-mayor and head of the Department of Finance of the Omsk Inna Parygina said that local officials receive a very small amount considering the enormous pressure and workload

in 2016 Parigina earned 3.86 million rubles, that is more than 320 thousand rubles a month. I want more, this nesecitas the average salary in the country 30-32 rubles per month. Parigina believes that the work of the miner, the fisherman, the driver, the doctor less responsible and is carried out without any loads? Is this clerk knows nothing about the fact that millions of working Russians get paid for their work 7 thousand rubles per month, below the subsistence level and less of what gets Parigina 45 Times?!

All this shows that Putin is looking for a dignified exit from his job, but it seems to me that there is only one way – to understand the obligations of the guarantor of the Constitution and to begin right now to exercise and then do as in the time before the new year came Boris Yeltsin. Everything else looks depressing and for Putin and for Russians.


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