Why popular Chinese smartphones: 5 reasons to pay attention to products from China


Почему популярны китайские смартфоны: 5 причин обратить внимание на продукцию из ПоднебеснойStereotypes about Chinese quality, or rather its absence, with every day lose their relevance.

What is attractive smartphones from China?

Cost. Popular Chinese brands for the attention of potential consumers smartphones, the price of which is often in the range of 100-110 dollars. And for fifteen hundred you can buy a quality smartphone with a powerful Quad-core processor, good front and rear camera — 5 MP and 12 respectively, decent amounts of memory and the possibility of additional installation of storage devices.

Stylish design. Even if China copies the appearance of the products of famous American and Japanese brands, making it as carefully as possible and original. A kind of twist, something new and unusual, always present in the design of developments.

Quality. Oddly enough, Chinese manufacturers are fond of making impact resistant, resistant to mechanical damage buildings. Metal frame, rubber coated walls, and other defensive mechanisms — a common practice for Chinese leaders.

Functionality. Most Chinese smartphones is in no way inferior to competitors from foreign markets. Company from China consistently follow the trends, don’t lose sight of any innovation, improve the modern trends, attracting the attention of fashion-forward consumers.

High level of autonomy. For a short period of producers managed to turn the idea of consumers on the Chinese technique turned on its head. And if before the smartphone created in China, associated with the discharged battery for half an hour and antenna TV, but today many models are equipped with a rich functionality and “eternal” battery that lasts more than a day even with extensive use of possible applications.

This list can be continued still very long — a popular Chinese brands hoping to get the sympathy of an increasing number of consumers are making every effort to make the products are really interesting, attractive and popular.


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