Why people dies like flies? Professor of medicine made a killer for the government conclusion


Почему народ мрёт как мухи? Профессор медицины сделал убийственное для власти заключение

The basis for Russia’s unprecedented mortality is the ideology, according to the surgeon, doctor of medical science from Saint-Petersburg Professor S. A. Varzim. Speaking with a report at conducted by the Center sulakshina conference “Russia in the era of Putinism,” Kapkov stressed that what ideology prevails in the numerator of the Russian media, and Russia gets in the denominator of its demographics. And this ideology of immorality, barbarism, violence, destruction of family and other values, the promotion of thieving lifestyle and prostitution.

So, Professor S. A. Varzim cited data that should sound the alarm bell in the Kremlin towers. Conducted 3-4 years ago a study showed that left Russia about two million girls and women of reproductive age. That is the age that shapes our gene pool. And left Russia girls mostly for prostitution. For officials, it should sound like a death sentence, but they are not interested in this topic.

Recently, the website “people’s journalist” has published a study that confirms the conclusion Varzina and proves once again that against our people (Russia, Belarus, Ukraine) being the real war. This war, as expressed by Sergey, is to stop the propagation of our genome.

— Life is the mode of existence of genomes in time and space. Against this biological cycle and directed the strategy of the enemies of Russia, a first strike which was in its time movies like “Pretty woman” and “intergirl” — says Professor Varzim.

When perestroika began, the work was stopped to prevent diseases associated with sexual infections. In Russia today the primary gonorrhea is about 400 thousand per year, syphilis — 200 thousand (data from 2001). Stress, loss of social orientation of the people give 8 million people a year suffering from a primary mental illness, 2 million per year — an increase of cases of cardiovascular disease (the numbers 2001-2005). 300-350 thousand people every year Russia loses as a result of violent actions. Mostly are young men. It’s a whole army of future fathers! In Russia only 14 years produced more than 40 million abortions (1991-2013)..

So many people in our country simply does not receive and, therefore, loses its future.

Sergey Varzim believes that ideologically derelict, not only the Russian leadership but also the Russian Orthodox Church. If you take the example of Russian Islam, which has been successfully fighting for the high birth rate and against prostitution, the figures in this comparison is not in favor of the ROC.


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