Why on Russian TV there was not a single story about the capture of Russians in Syria?


Since it became known about the capture in Syria of Roman Zabolotnyi and Gregory Turcan, I in each day for a week watched the evening news on Russian TV channels, hoping to see at least one story about this event.

Почему на российском ТВ не было ни одного сюжета о пленении россиян в Сирии?

Alas, I didn’t see anything…

Maybe such a report (or reports) was, but I looked at them? Then correct me, please.

I purposefully watched it the evening news, as according to the established tradition, if they show some “inconvenient” in terms of propaganda stories, they almost always have at this time of day, when everyone else is asleep…

Don’t know about you, dear friends, but I was disgusting to look at “benefit” Vova Putin and Dima Medvedev telling the Russian people about how in Russia (and often in Moscow) every day becomes to live better and more fun while in Syria two captured Russian patriots, the Islamists cut off the head…

Why are we so contemptuous of such events?

The first statement of the defense Ministry, after the publication of the information about the capture of two Russians, said that in Syria, the Russian soldiers “perform their tasks”.

Then slipped the information that the relatives of the captured guys advised me “not to fuss”.

And later was followed by an even more cynical statement by Dmitry Peskov that Moscow is taken care of by fate of people who were captured in Syria, IF THEY REALLY ARE CITIZENS of RUSSIA.

It turns out that the fate of “non-citizen” of Russia, fighting on the side of Russia in Syria are not interesting. Strange approach…

Guys who fought for the ideas of Putin, was executed, and the GDP did not even remember about them – “cogs” in the design of the political system, which he imposes on the world, he was not interested.

Moreover, in the Internet appeared the information that Turcan and Zabolotny was only two out of ten Russian military in an ambush. What is the fate of the others?

All this unfortunate story once again confirms that the Kremlin gives false information about losses of the Russian army in Syria. It turns out that if the military dies, as a part of PMCs, it does not count…

Vladimir Vladimirovich would have a long time to understand that it is one thing to manipulate with rating of popularity, and quite another – with the life of its citizens.

By the way, on the 65th anniversary of Vladimir Putin on Russian TV channels…

With this attitude to the citizens of Russia’s GDP may remain with one bare rating without… people.


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