Why itchy and scratchy body


Почему чешется и зудит тело

Everyone familiar with the situation, when for no apparent reason body itches in different places. The reason may lie in both external and internal environment.

The only thing that remains common is the effect on the nerve endings that are located between the dermal and epidermal layers of the skin.

Scratching itchy phase is quite useful, because it enhances blood circulation, accelerate lymph flow. The favorable moment to highlight the removal of toxic component. As a rule, then the desire to scratch subsides.

If the itching cannot be detected externally, it was given the name “pruritus of unknown etiology”, then the goal is to establish the factors that caused it. Usually, they can be hypersensitivity, which is observed in:

• the violation of water metabolism of the skin
• deficiency of vitamins A And E,
• age and hormonal changes the body,
• a weakened immune system, household
• the presence of harmful habits
• diseases and stress

Itching can also be caused by wearing clothing containing synthetics or wool, as well as chafing and irritation from sweat, prolonged exposure to ultraviolet radiation, insect bites.

What to pay attention?

Before to hang on the disease, should pay attention, after which there is itching. Maybe it appears after a bath? The reason may lie in water that contains chlorine and cleaners that contain components that can adversely affect the human body.
Also itching can be caused by too cold water, that will testify about the so-called cold Allergy.

When to visit the doctor

The presence of itching gives the signal that it is time to visit the doctor with unexplained weight loss, insomnia, fatigue, the desire to scratch the whole body, or certain parts of more two weeks.
In the treatment, of course, special attention should be paid to personal hygiene, to limit the consumption of foods that can affect vasodilation. These include:

• Coffee,
• Alcoholic beverages,
• Hot meals
• Strong brewed tea
• Spices, etc.

The doctor will conduct a General examination of the patient, listen to complaints and help to set other symptoms, and then prescribe a comprehensive treatment. Important to seek a competent specialist with extensive experience.


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