Why is it helpful to sleep on your left side


Почему полезно спать на левом бокуThe experts identified the positive impact of such a dream

Sleep is important for human health and the correct posture during sleep will help to rejuvenate and feel good.

Scientists have found that sleep is on the left side are most useful for our body, reports AdMe.ru and calls 6 good reasons.

Improves the lymphatic system

The lymphatic system performs important functions in our body, one of them is cleansing it from toxins and products of metabolism. As you know, the lymphatic system flows into the so-called thoracic duct, located on the left side.
According to experts, that is why when a person sleeps on the left side, accelerates the leaching from the body of all the excess. Because lymph are proteins and other products that need human cells, sleep on your left side helps them to obtain these nutrients much faster.

Allows the spleen to cope better with their work

The spleen is the largest organ of your lymphatic system. In the position on the left side the spleen works more efficiently, experts say.
This is explained by the fact that it is located on the left side, gravity helps the flow of blood, allowing the body to more effectively filter impurities.

Promotes the release of intestinal

The junction of the small and large intestine located in the left side of the body, in the area called “ileocecal valve”. Gravity helps the waste to cross this valve is substantially faster, allowing faster remove them from the body.

Prevent heartburn at night

If you sleep on your left side, then the stomach will be below the food channel, which connects the stomach to the esophagus. The position on the left side prevents the ingress of stomach contents back into the esophagus, experts say.
Protects the liver from overload

Due to the fact that the liver is located on the right side, it is overflowing during the time that the person is sleeping. As noticed the experts, the left side will help to hold toxins, which will provide uniform work important organ of detoxification without overload.

Improves heart

The left side of the heart is the side that pumps blood to the entire body. Therefore, the position on the left side while sleeping helps the heart to better do his work. The experts assure us that it is beneficial for the circular system, and in particular for the aorta and inferior Vena cava, which carries venous blood to the heart and lies to the right of the spine.


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