Why in the “Roskosmos”confuse spaceports and launch satellites into the ocean


Почему в "в Роскосмосе"путают космодромы и запускают спутники в океан

Space has always been considered our heritage, our pride. Gagarin, Korolev – these names are known all over the world. But today missiles are flying. About a week ago at the cosmodrome “East” very unsuccessfully launched a rocket.
Show more… All 19 expensive satellites, it was put into orbit, just collapsed into the Atlantic ocean. And based on the available information, the accident occurred due to the fact that the experts confused the spaceports and drove in the flight mission parameters to launch from Baikonur. Although start, let me remind you again, is done with the “East”.

So how is it that all fucked up? I spoke with many of our specialists who are engaged in space programs, and with sadness acknowledge that fucked up. Okay, I’m not an expert, why should I judge? But let’s face it.

I just decided to look through vacancies in the structural subdivisions and affiliated companies of “Roscosmos”.

Electronics engineer
The state rocket center named after academician Makeyev — head developer liquid and solid rocket complexes of strategic purpose
Salary — 11 983 ruble

Design engineer
Scientific-production enterprise “turbopump”, which is engaged in the development, manufacture, testing and service of pumps, turbines and power systems for the space industry
Salary — 20 000 rubles

Software engineer
Scientific-production Association of automatics named after academician Semikhatova, which is engaged in the design and manufacture of control systems and radio electronic equipment for rocket and space technology
Salary is 23 000 rubles

OKB Fakel, which is developing an electric rocket engines
Salary is 23 000 rubles

Chief engineer
Central research Institute of mechanical engineering with the largest experimental base for the space industry
Salary — from 23 200 to 30 000 rubles

How come that the engineers at leading space companies receive less than the waitresses in “chocolate”? It’s [email protected] Well, not to pay crazy Polonskaya in the Duma 400,000, and the engineer who is responsible for the future of our country is 20,000. Impossible. It’s a shame. Unimaginable [email protected], which just doesn’t make sense. No normal human being who needs to feed a family, raise children, go to work in the “Roskosmos”. Talented guys who could lift the space industry, just leave the country.

Maybe “Roscosmos” no money? Maybe these [email protected] barely make ends meet? No, they are just [email protected]!.

You know? Here the enemies of Russia. People who can only eat and shit, they ruined the great legacy, they all blew it. They fly on private jets for the budget bill, and the engineers throw pitiful handouts, which is not enough even for food.

That’s all. Just [email protected], that’s all. @About are space.


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