Why hate Stalin


Почему ненавидят Сталина

“My name is slandered, I will attribute a lot of atrocities. World Zionism will seek to destroy our Union to Russia will never be able to climb. The point of the struggle will focus on the outskirts of separation from Russia. With particular force to raise his head nationalism. There will be many leaders of pygmy, traitors within their own Nations…”

“Stalin is the center, the heart of all that the rays diverge from Moscow around the world”.

French writer A. Barbusse

65 years ago, March 5, 1953, died of the great people’s leader, Joseph Stalin. A man who was able to revive the Russian Empire in the Soviet Union’s victory in the Second world war, created powerful armed forces, the nuclear shield of our Motherland, the world’s best science and education.

In “democratic Russia”, created in 1991-1993, he was declared a maniac and a bloody dictator. Why Stalin so hated various Westerners, liberals and parochial nationalist? The answer is simple. Stalin was a true national leader who gave all his life to solving global and national problems of the Russian civilization and the Russian people. He was forced to serve the Motherland without sparing themselves, the government and the Communist party. And after death left no riches, no accounts in foreign banks, no palaces and villas, or stolen billions and gold. His treasure became a Soviet superpower.

Most importantly, he showed the main way of the future great Russia (USSR) and the whole of humanity – society “Golden age”, a society of social justice, service and creativity. A society dominated by the ethics of the conscience, and man is the Creator, the Creator, is the Motherland and the people. Stalin showed an alternative path of development of all mankind. The owners of the Western project of civilization and build the unjust world order global slave, slave, caste-based civilization, where there are a handful of “masters of life and money,” the “elect” which are allowed, and which have access to genuine knowledge, the most advanced achievements of science, technology and medicine.

And the rest of the mass of people immersed in the darkness of poverty do not have access to adequate education and health care, constantly tourmanium various drugs: tobacco, alcohol, heavier gurmanai, food substitutes, information and virtual illusions, etc., Their life is deliberately shortened, spirituality, intellect and physical condition are suppressed down to the level of the two-legged guns, cattle.

While Western “elites” are constantly developing and implementing plans to reduce the human “biomass”. To more resources was “chosen” to be able to create a clean planet, without biped “virus” that is killing the Earth.

It and junk food, and introduction of people on drugs, suppression of normal immunity and lack of adequate programmes for physical and spiritual development of the people. This is creating a society of stress, where people revolve like squirrels in a wheel, producing resources for a “normal” life, but in reality, ruin mental and physical health, addicted to stimulants and Germany to temporarily forget. This consumer society that is destroying the planet, its biosphere, and the man himself, as part of the overall living system. Person turn into an animal-a consumer, totally dependent on the “masters of life”. This system, aimed at the destruction of reproduction of humanity – the promotion of abortion, contraception, ideas of childlessness, homosexual “marriage”, different perversion (perverts children do not give birth), virtual sex, sex robots, etc.

Under Stalin in the Soviet Union began to build a just state and society, society, service and creativity, a society with the rule of the ethics of conscience. Hence the most powerful spiritual folk impulse that allowed us not only to create a superpower, to win the most terrible in the history of mankind war, but to eliminate all the consequences of a severe world war, the establishment of a socialist camp, which allowed to confront the Western world, based on their colonies and semi-colonies. Popular support has allowed us to build an independent national economy, to supply all necessary for the Soviet people and even to support allies, to create the world’s best armed forces, without the threat of a new public large-scale attack on the USSR-Russia for a few generations (a large part of the population of Russia lives in a world only with this Foundation), to create the world’s best science, education, system, revealing the artistic, creative potential of children and youth and more.

The common people during the life of Joseph Stalin adored him. Of him sang songs, set his sites, his name is appropriated to cities and large businesses. Stalin and his government had taken the destroyed and ruined Russia, which went through the catastrophe of the previous development project in 1917. The Bolsheviks (Russian Communists), contrary to popular belief, this disaster had virtually no relationship, they just took power in the dead of the “old Russia”. Offered the people a new project – Soviet civilization, which was in the interests of the vast majority of people. Managed to create a Soviet superpower, has regained much of lost in the years of turmoil of the land, defeated Japan and Germany, which lost to tsarist Russia. The Soviet Union included in its sphere of influence halfway around the world, including China. During the years of Stalin’s rule, had rebuilt the economy, made more effective, than the leaders of the capitalist world, created advanced industry, which had only the most advanced power – aircraft, shipbuilding, machinery, machine tools, chemical industry, defense industry, rocket science. Developed nuclear weapons and created the Foundation of the space industry. Eliminated unemployment, education and health care became free and available to the public. Children from poor peasant families that had no chance under capitalism, becomes, under socialism, professors and marshals, pilots and aces of Ministers.

Under the leadership of Stalin won the Second world war, when the hosts of the West allowed to take power in Europe German Nazis, led by Hitler. The hosts of the West was afraid of the Soviet project. Russia became an alternative center of a new just world order. The sympathy of a large part of humanity, the best people of the Earth were on the side of “Sunny” Soviet civilization. As a result, in fact, was created by “European Union” led by Germany and all its power – military, demographic and economic were thrown against Soviet civilization, which challenged the dominance of the West over the planet. However, the Russian (Soviet) army defeated the powerful and cruel enemy. The Eastern and part of Central Europe, including East Germany, entered the sphere of influence of Moscow. The Soviet Union defeated militarist Japan took revenge for the shame of the Russo-Japanese war of 1904-1905 and restored its influence in the far East. With our help in China the Communists won and China recognized the Soviet Union “big brother”.

Stalin did not flinch before the nuclear threat from the United States, which held the bloody “test” nuclear weapons in Japan. Moscow was so powerful armed forces that the US and Britain with the allies decided not to immediately after the Second world war, to start a “hot” world war III (although the plans were). Soon Moscow created its own atomic bomb, and rapidly created a first-class nuclear Arsenal. The West began to “cold” Third world war – information-ideological, economic, and covert war intelligence, war on the territory of other countries (the Korean war, etc.).

So our enemies in the West and the Russian Westerners who betrayed the USSR and the ideals of socialism, social justice, and hated Stalin. They created a lot of black myths to defame the great national leader. However, the truth finds a way even in the atmosphere of total lies. Therefore, the image of Stalin is now again popular among the Russian people. In his reign the people had faith in social justice, the future of the people and country. There was a powerful economic, scientific-technical, educational, cultural, and military Foundation that has allowed Russia to survive until the present day.

Even an outright enemy of the Union and an implacable anti-Communist, the famous British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, speaking in the house of Commons on December 21, 1959, the day of the 80th anniversary of Stalin’s, recognized for its prominent role in the world: “He was the most prominent figure, impressed our changeable and cruel time of the period in which he passed his life. Stalin was a man of extraordinary energy and indomitable willpower, sharp, cruel, merciless in conversation, which even I, brought up here, in the British Parliament, could not oppose. Stalin first of all had a great sense of humor and sarcasm and ability precisely to perceive thoughts. The force was so great in Stalin that he seemed unique among the leaders of all times and peoples. Stalin made the greatest impression on us. He had a deep, devoid of any panic, logically meaningful wisdom. He was a consummate master of the find in difficult moments, ways out of the stalemate. In addition, Stalin in the most critical moments as well as moments of triumph was equally reticent, and never give in to illusions.”


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