Why Crimea run doctors


Почему из Крыма бегут врачи

In Crimea strongly enough doctors. Local clinics and hospitals are not counted in the order of nine professionals of different profiles — for the Peninsula with a population of 2.3 million people figure is menacing! Urgently required district internists and pediatricians, as well as neurologists, cardiologists, oncologists, diagnosticians and infectious disease specialists, gastroenterologists… in almost all medical fields.

Published these data were last Tuesday by the Minister of health Tauris Alexander Golenko immediately after his meeting with the head of the Crimea Sergey Asadovym. That, in turn, was preceded by a series of scandals in medical institutions.

But first, some more “talking” figures from Alexander Golenko. According to him, in 2016-m to year in the Crimea there arrived the 116 young professionals. However, many of them preferred to work in private clinics or even to leave the health, and I quote — “do not bear the weight of responsibility for the life and health of patients.” Interestingly, more recently, Alexander I. assured the Crimean public that “we, unlike other regions of the Russian Federation, paid medical services are not developed, and we do not develop. We provide insured citizens the appropriate level of care.”

So why not actually stand in the Crimea budding doctors?

The scandal of the current year, is told on the website “news of the Crimea”, associated with the person. From there to the government of the Republic has long received complaints from staff of polyclinic № 3, and then from the public. They concern everything that is related to the treatment: equipment of hospitals, a shortage of skilled workers, the wages of employees. Very long complaint remained, in essence, unanswered. Not to mention, according to doctors, the replies that came from Yalta (Livadia) city hospital № 1. In a single complex with her regional Ministry of health brought together about two years ago, all medical institutions of Alupka. Or rather, what was left of them — the clinic and hospital, after the last reducing bed capacity and repurpose of the hour in the day. Children’s hospital was closed. Although it served not only local children, but from Simeiz, Koreiz, Gaspra.

When the number of complaints, or rather, the lack of an effective response to them has reached “critical levels”, the doctors rebelled. And it’s not a figure of speech. In mid-September, one veteran of the polyclinic № 3 the surgeon Cyril Kopytchuk, was invited to the institution of representatives of the Crimean press on the record and on camera told (and showed), the conditions in which he was with colleagues to work. This video the correspondent of “SP” sent by the journalists from Simferopol. In the Crimea it’s not surprising. “This situation in many of our cities, wrote to me, Sergei G., the doctor is “God”, the seminal urologist in the fifth generation. — I never thought that Russia can be like that.”

Here are some quotes from what he shared Dr. Kopytchuk, expressing his opinion:

— It became impossible to work, which side do not look, — he said. — Necessary materials obtained as a residual, often unfit for use. X-ray is not working properly for several months. From mid-summer almost fell twice salary. Nurses receive miserable 10-11 thousand rubles. Why? Answer can’t achieve. Doctors imposed fines. For example, what is taken for change are often more patients than they should under the rules, but, then, we are told, “treat poorly”. Do I have to kick people that are not one hour spent in line at the reception? The health insurance Fund (FMS) of the Republic of Crimea immediately writes a fine, requiring that the doctors themselves wrote the statement in their developed form: “Please accept my voluntary compensation amount for damages in the amount of… Fines and that on the day of discharge patients we write in their sick leave “no complaints”, acknowledging thereby, as it always seemed to me, the success of the prescribed treatment. But the FMS said: if no complaints, so well? Then why keep it an extra day at the hospital? The question is: is necessary to write without looking? The doctor can not stand, go. We have no Laura, neurologist,… I came into the profession in the years of the USSR, found in the Crimea Ukrainian times — nothing like this has ever been done!

Dr. Kopytchuk supported the whole team. As well as patients. In Alupka is home to about eight thousand people. Many of them pensioners. If they had in your resort town received almost all the necessary assistance, but now can’t always count even on a primary. For fractures, for example, needs to go to Yalta. How? Their problems.

After the video was shown on local TV, officials moved. But it was still more than a month before the head of the Republican Ministry of health Golenko came to Alupka. Almost the first thing heard from him in the clinic № 3 — “you have an unhealthy team.”

We have these words was just taken aback — admitted to the correspondent of “SP” nurse N. — A person sees us all the first time, and have such insights! We have a very friendly team, support each other, otherwise would have long since fled about the hopelessness that gave rise to the so-called “health care reform”.

One of the nurses when she approached the Minister to ask, as with young children to live on a salary of 11 thousand rubles, And I. Golenko began to poke a finger in her payslip: do you write 14 thousand and not 11. “That’s gross,” she explains. — “Intends to mislead, right?”…

A few days after this “high visit”, I called the clinic in Alupka. I wanted to know how it is now — is there any “progress” for the better? And if everything is all right, Cyril Kopytchuk continues to work?

— Kirill Kirillovich currently on holiday — said the correspondent of “SP” Natalia Davydkina, a pediatrician highest category. — Everything he said is true — and sharply falling wages, and about openly mocking the conditions in which to work. With this “optimization” in Crimea soon, probably, will not remain hospitals and clinics. At least, free.

“SP”: — what salary dropped?

— We have ceased to so-called stimulus. We say “the Treasury has no money.” But we do know that the Livadia hospital № 1, in the complex where we are now, over the past summer have earned at least 6 million rubles per month. By law, 60% of the profits should go to staff salaries. We did not go. To the question “why”, the doctor Savel’ev answers evasively. They say, some debts at the hospital, an urgent need to repay.

Alupka story is not unique, alas, of its kind. My friend’s student years, published once married to resident, shared her experiences as the spring in the perch were driven out of the doctoral family.

Those came to us in Ukrainian times at the invitation of the city hall, explains the friend. — Received service housing. With one I, having met personally. Sensible expert. It was clear, not “flyer.” Suddenly out leaving. It turns out that after Crimea returned to Russia and financing the doctors went through the Ministry of health of the Russian Federation, he and several visitors said that are not eligible for municipal housing.

“SP”: — what is the walleye with doctors?

— They are chronically underfunded for many years. The exact figure will not name, but probably not much mistaken if I say that out of every three professionals.

I called in Simferopol, Ministry of health of the Crimea. They confirmed “the story in Sudak”. As I understand it, it isn’t over yet. The situation became interested in the city Prosecutor’s office.

In Evpatoria on the entire hundred-thousandth of the all-Russian children’s centers (and in the summer the population is tripled) in just one clinic. “The queue is crazy — sigh Valentina Yakovleva, a pensioner, born in this city. — To get to the right doctor, it is necessary to come for the pass six in the morning. Husband recently categorically refuses medical care. Better said, to die at home in a relaxed atmosphere than on the porch of the hospital… Sometimes it seems that someone intentionally creates such conditions for patients.

“SP”: — But why?

— To create a protest situation. There are people who will continue to consider the Crimea of the Ukrainian…

“SP”: — In your opinion, better or worse was with the organization of medical care on the Peninsula?

For the whole of the Crimea will not say, but we in Yalta, I think, worse. The doctors say it’s all about the reform pursued by the Ministry of health. It’s a strange reform if from it we gain, and lose.

Local surgeon Sergei G., I which I said, my question is about the salaries of doctors answered:

— The salary of a doctor in a hospital — 19400 thousand rubles (without deductions), about the same in the clinic. There is a surcharge for the record, category. Incentive and award no. Work who can, at half rate. Accumulates in the amount of 32,000 rubles. So those 50 thousand, mentioned, recently, we, the Minister Skvortsova, pure bluff. I don’t know anyone in our town who would so received. In addition, in Evpatoria city hospital of arrears in wages have become chronic. Health insurance Fund there were scheduled to treat about 9 thousand patients per year, and it turns out more about 11 thousand.

“SP”: — You worked at Saks, where, they say, conditions are better…

— I quit 2 years ago, it became impossible to work. Incentive and reward doctors, nurses and other medical staff there. The authorities, as far as I know, there is. Employees were outraged, called the Commission, but to communicate with them, the Commission does not condescend. Eventually ruled that all legally. Equipment for urology in Saki, but is idle, as nobody works, nobody goes because of the low wages. There are not enough doctors. Worst of all cancer patients. In the Republican dispensary kilometer queue operations are high latency.

No matter what anyone said about medicine Tauris, whatever the facts are not given, Minister Alexander Golenko telling her: Crimean medicine all right. Doctors to it: the salary is miserable! He answered and according to official information, it is big. They are supplies received not quality, and those are often not enough! The Minister calmly: do not know how to use it! The impression is that on the Peninsula there are two health systems — one with a cry of the soul physicians, other with convenient for the officials performance. As rightly noted by one of my friends the Crimean doctor “able managers “to include the fool”, like people communicate, and the problems familiar, and everything is as it was in the place that the competence of the proctologist, and remains”.


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