Why burning cheeks: doctors say the causes of


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When a person has burning cheeks, there is a lot of prejudice.

Vivid color and a sensation of heat in this area arise so suddenly that superstitious people declare that someone remembers a person or abusing him, reports the Chronicle.info with reference to podrobnosti.ua.

Cheeks blushing in the cold, because the blood in the skin hypothermia should circulate actively, literally rushing to her to even out temperature and avoid frostbite. However, in very hot weather the same thing happens.

The body struggles with temperature inversions, trying to avoid overheating, and sending the blood to the skin surface, ventilated areas where there is a greater chance it somewhat cool.

What to do to cheeks didn’t burn?

Want to avoid sudden temperature changes, then the blood will not be rushing to face.

If the redness is associated with the first signs of a cold help mint tablets.

With a strong discomfort from the rush of blood to the face, you can lie down and rest a bit, and the same is true if you came from the heat or from the cold.

If redness appears due to angina, it makes sense not to give up going outside in the cold, wind and heat, not to provoke the organism.


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