Why banks do not give us our money


Почему банки не отдают нам наши деньги

Banks have long been attacking our money. They are currently allowed without our knowledge debit cards with debts or fines according to the requirements of the bailiffs, and do it indiscriminately, despite the contracts with customers without fear of losing them.

If the account suddenly dropped a decent amount of money, they require to confirm its origin, under the guise of so-called security, and may not give you your own money. These stories — a lot. And here new turn of events.

From the beginning of 2018, the Agency for Deposit insurance has become a mass order to submit claims to the depositors of Russian banks who took their money from credit organizations, shortly before the latest bankruptcy.

Recall that the Agency on insurance of contributions (ASV) was established in 2004 and its main objective is the insurance of Bank deposits of Russian citizens. Due to the existence of the DIA the Russians, who are depositors of banks in case of bankruptcy or revocation of license may count on one hundred percent return of Deposit if it does not exceed 1.4 million. However, in recent years DIA has serious financial problems. Apparently, this circumstance pushed the Agency to sue the investors.

From open sources it is known that in the middle of 2015 Fund Agency for Deposit insurance has been fully exhausted. Since then, the organization is fully dependent on Bank of Russia loans. Debt to Central Bank increases every year. Now it is $ 821 billion. However, on 2 February, the head of ASV Yury Isayev has reported that 17 billion rubles have been able to return to the Central Bank. But actually, things are not so good — in August 2017, the Central Bank has increased a credit line for ACB to 1.03 trillion. rubles, but 768 billion the Agency has already chosen.

To compensate the citizens of the deposits is necessary, but money is not enough. And this situation is against the background of tighter policy of the Bank of Russia in relation to Russian credit organizations. The head of the Bank of Russia Elvira Nabiullina stresses that the health of the banking sector from unreliable credit institutions will continue for another two to three years. In practice, this means the withdrawal of licenses from a large number of banks.

Policy in respect of contributors will undermine confidence in banks

About what is happening with Bank accounts and what to expect conscientious citizens trying to preserve their savings, “Free press,” learn from the specialist debt recovery and enforcement proceedings, counsel for Tamerlane Barieva.

“SP”: — we Know that now the Agency on insurance of contributions has filed nearly 500 lawsuits for the return of the depositors ‘ funds in banks are bankrupt. What caused such a measure?

— We know that now routinely revoked the licenses of individual banks, including fairly well-known players in the market. Of course, that investors, including natural persons, i.e. ordinary citizens, are very concerned about the preservation of their savings. As soon as the future of the Bank is beginning to cause investors concern, the epidemic begins withdrawing funds. For banks, this is reflected negatively, but for the ASV, this brings problems in the form of growing debt to the Bank of Russia. Funds for compensation of investments needed, and where to take them?

“SP”: — ASV argue that some investors are unscrupulous, trying if not to cheat, doing all sorts of shenanigans…

— Yes, such suspicions of the Agency really is. Take the two most common situations. Situation one — the man took the money to buy an apartment, car, motorcycle, whatever… He goes to the Bank and removes them from your account, maybe even close the account. The second situation — a person comes, and closes early Deposit, designed for another year, losing all interest on the Deposit. What for? This question, and ask the Agency. It turns out that the interests of some of investors can be enforced by infringement of the interests of other investors.

“SP”: — whether to worry about ordinary citizens?

— Let’s start with the fact that actions are brought primarily to depositors, removes impressive amounts of money. The majority of Russians if it has Bank deposits, a very modest, are not of interest to ASV and returning them to the banks in any case will not change the situation in the banking sector.

“SP”: — That is, the Agency on insurance of contributions legitimate?

— From a formal point of view. But they can lead to very serious consequences, first and foremost — to the final undermining of public confidence in the domestic banking system. If the money goes from the banks — they will leave “shadow”, what is not good.

The MP appealed to Nabiullina

While the Agency on insurance of contributions already received about 500 claims for the return of deposits in banks. Basically it claims to depositors of Tatfondbank and Interbanca. In the ASV say that approximately 240 lawsuits will soon be withdrawn. In addition, another 150 lawsuits have been filed in the last part of the challenge pre-bankruptcy transactions of the Military-Industrial Bank.

Meanwhile, the situation is already interested in politics. Yaroslav Nilov, Chairman of the Duma Committee on labor, social policy and veterans ‘ Affairs. According to nil, the Agency on insurance of contributions, by their actions, instead of the guarantor of safety of savings of Russian citizens has become a kind of collector.

Meanwhile, about 400 investors of Tatfondbank have challenged the claims of the Agency. They are not satisfied and the courts — people claim that the consideration of each case is given 10-15 minutes, which indicates a purely formal approach. To understand the situation during this time is impossible. The lawyer of Tamerlan Varziev says that the return of funds back to the Bank, the depositor, however, can lay claim to 1.4 million rubles, put him as compensation under the law. The remaining funds it will receive only in a General manner and according to the queue, standing in the register of creditors.

Suspicious deposits may not return

While alarmed investors, experts and politicians discussing the actions of the Agency for Deposit insurance, a very interesting decision was made by the Collegium of the Supreme court of the Russian Federation. 30 January 2018, the judges decided in favor of the savings Bank of the Russian Federation, the failed client on the results of the Deposit at the end of the term.

The essence of the case lay in the fact that in 2015 the citizen is transferred from your account in one Bank to an account in the savings Bank of 56 million rubles, and the next day came for them in order to remove them. Sberbank demanded from the citizen of the documents that would confirm the origin of the money. The investor gave them, but the money is not received. He was not able to wait for their money and translating them into term deposits. Two-year trial — and the Supreme court sided with the Bank. Precedent, as lawyers say, very dangerous.


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