Who outside of Russia?


Кому вне Руси жить хорошо

One of the most explosive topics of discussion in communities of expats, this is where life is cheaper in Russia or here. What a noisy controversy unfold here! Are there any major conflicts! What irreconcilable points of view! Until ready to rip each other’s throats!

“Yes, in foreign countries your buckwheat five times more expensive!”

“But we have pork roast for only 2 Euro a kilo!”

“And there you have electricity and gasoline are outrageous!”

“And you…!” “And we have…!”

And indeed as it really is? After all, if “there” salaries are significantly higher, then logic dictates that this is not casual, and “there is more.” But on the other hand, if a serious and credible people say that “there” is cheaper, it also should not be discounted.

In fact, the question “where life is cheaper” makes no sense. Because life itself, its quality, its structure, the specificity of “here” and “there” is so very different that to compare between these two lives for the cost, it is still something to argue which car is more economical, green or diesel.

There is simply no such criteria for the comparison, which would have the same value here and there.

Well, what’s the point to compare the prices of the same food, if these products still are not the same. Too different the quality of the products are too different dietary patterns. Yes, buckwheat in Greece (sorry for tautology) expensive. But I assure you, you won’t be there to eat buckwheat, as if you didn’t love her here. Not because they are expensive, but because the culinary traditions there are very different and you, like myself have not set up “to eat there Buckwheat”, happy to follow these local traditions.


Кому вне Руси жить хорошо


Well, what’s the point to compare what is “here” a kilogram of pasta costs 35 rubles, in “there” — 90 cents (ie twice as expensive). It will not be the same kilo of the same pasta. Italian pasta of the same qualities “out there” are worth 90 cents in Russia will cost about 200 rubles. But, excuse me, crap that is sold in Russia under the guise of pasta for 35 rubles. kg, you there in the afternoon with fire not syschete. However, this does not mean that there can not buy pasta 35 rubles, and the same, which usually sold over 90. It is only necessary to catch the action “2 for 1” which is guaranteed to happen within a few weeks, and purchased a stock.

What is the point to compare electricity prices, if the structure of electricity use will be quite different. Here is our former compatriot lamenting that he spent the winter on electricity as much as 300 euros a month. And in Russia, paying only 1,000 rubles. How life is “out there” more.

My dear, in Russia, you lived in microdose 45 square meters named after comrade Khrushchev, which were heated by Central heating. And then you have houses that you rent for a third of the price we would pay in Moscow “kopeck piece.” And you’re wasteful and stupid heat this house with electricity for two winter months. Here and came running. Why don’t you take Moscow charge for the Central heating, which you tear up there all year round and customize to the cost of RF power. And compare annual costs here and there! What happened in the end? And you’re even more paid for his Moscow flat?

That’s why it makes no sense to compare the prices of identical positions “here” and “there”! Just because these positions are not the same, even if you call one and the same word.

Then maybe just compare the total amount that people spend on life “here” and “there.”? The idea is cute, but unrealistic. For the same reason. Too does not match the quality of these two lives.

When people ask me how much I spend on life in Cyprus, I would say, comparable with what was spent in Russia, but still a bit more.

Yeah! — concludes the source — it means life in Cyprus is more expensive.

But, no! If I then led the same lifestyle that he had been in Moscow, I would’ve missed probably half the amount.

But the thing is that I’m not very good to live here, in Moscow.

Then opens up all other possibilities, and there’s a different quality of life. So different that you keep the old way of life seems the height of folly.

In Moscow, I visited theatres and concerts give God a few times a year. But here in our backwater of the Cypriot cultural life abounds. We are located exactly at the intersection of the touring routes in all of the world. So concert schedule we’ve got here, God forbid what dense. Came here the other day, Andrei Gavrilov, the most outstanding pianist of our time, not afraid of the epithet. The hell would we in Moscow heard!

And then my wife took off and drove to a neighboring town for the concert. The thing in Russia is unthinkable, and then — the usual thing. Gasoline, tickets, up and down, minus 50 euros a night. You can do without this expense? Easily! In Moscow — treated. And here — well in any way! You only live once!

In Moscow to spend an evening in a nice restaurant is an event incidental, in any case that was for me. And here is daily.

Housing here is quite different quality, and that it is this quality maintained, but with a little to spend on its maintenance. You can and then find approximately the same apartment, which was in Moscow and get rid of these costs. But if we began to live like human beings, then return to the Soviet polybaric doesn’t want to.

If near the sea with a swimming season seven months out of the year, daily trips to the beach will break your family’s budget hole is about 1,000 euros per year. You can ride only on weekends or not to go… But why? If you can every day!

You can eat baked potatoes and pasta. But since I moved here, I don’t want the pasta, and the like Jambalaya, of Adobe, Artichoke, Octopus, Oysters and Taro.

In Moscow, I have not had the opportunity to travel through the mountains. But here is a regular part of my pastime. Just like that, without a special purpose. Just to admire the beauty. It is also a consumption, gasoline in the mountains flies into the exhaust pipe with a whistle. You can do without it? You can! But why?

Silly to compare, where life is more expensive in Russia or in the West!

Here and there, how much would you have any money in your pocket, you can always build a way to your life so that you have enough this amount for life. In Russia, pensioners manage to live on € 150 a month. And I know next one Russian pensioner, which here in Cyprus, manages to live on the same Russian pension. Drawn in, but it is quite a living.

You can live anywhere, on any money.

The only question is, what quality of life you get in exchange for this amount. For me the answer to this question is obvious. Anyway, as for my neighbor, a pensioner living here on a Russian pension. Back to Russia it does not seek.


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