Who is threatening Russia with a nuclear strike?


Кто угрожает России ядерным ударом?

If someone believes that North Korea’s launches of ballistic missiles (with Russian assistance?) us does not threaten, it is a mistake. Any escalation of conflict with the possible use of nuclear weapons at our borders is a direct threat to the security of our country.

Forty-seven years he conducted negotiations on limiting strategic offensive arms between Russia (until 1992 the USSR) and the United States. First this happened a nuclear war. Today, all negotiations stopped, nobody does anything.

In the late 1990s — early 2000s, I proposed to create a joint Russian-European missile defense. In 2001, Putin even discussed this project with the NATO Secretary General. If the West jumped at the offer, the world would be today to such a dangerous point.

Because in the world today, only two nuclear powers that can destroy everything on the planet, and the United States with their current President could not rely, it is the responsibility of Russia. Control over all types of strategic offensive arms is a national interest of Russia.


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