Who is he, with face a big enemy of Russia sovereign?


Кто он, с мордой здоровенной, враг России суверенной?

Our Sirotkina economy 90 years have generated this type of relations between Russia and the West, which some experts rightly called cryptocyanine. The West began to define the parameters of the key decisions of the Russian authorities, including the rate of the Central Bank, the main parameters of the Federal budget and even, in part, the personnel policies.

Russia was then steeped in lots of wide variety of dependencies, and today, when the authorities took a course on the sovereignty of the country, the actual task is the understanding of the type and extent of these dependencies. Because the level of sovereignty of any state is inversely proportional to the level of subordination.

It is clear that Russia, like other countries, depends on the different world web (financial and fiscal information, market-consumer, etc.). However, the majority of Russia’s dependency is exclusive, and therefore, reversible.

But first we must answer the question which is bothering the citizens: and is Russia (unlike the USSR) legally a sovereign state?

If the state is sovereign, legally this must be reflected in all laws. However, if we open the Constitution of the Russian Federation adopted on 12 December 1993, we see in her article that suggests that Russia is not a sovereign state.

Article 15, paragraph 4: “the generally Recognized principles and norms of international law and international treaties of the Russian Federation are a component part of its legal system. If an international Treaty of the Russian Federation stipulates other rules than those stipulated by law, the rules of the international Treaty.”

Article 13, paragraph 2: “no ideology may be established as state or obligatory”.

Article 13, paragraph 1: “In the Russian Federation ideological diversity is recognized”.

This means that in Russia an ideology can be done by anyone, including representatives of foreign countries, except the Russian state.

In article 79, we see that the Russian Federation may delegate part of its authority (e.g. police or military), international bodies, and violated due to this someone’s rights or not, it will decide international bodies.

Article 75 paragraphs 1, 2: “Monetary unit in Russia is the ruble. Monetary issue is carried out exclusively by the Central Bank of the Russian Federation. Introduction and issue of other money in the Russian Federation are not allowed. Protecting and ensuring stability of ruble – the main function of the Central Bank, which it carries out irrespective of other public authorities”.

It turns out that the Russian government cannot control the issue of money. This feature took over the Central Bank, which acts independently of the state. Who is subject to the CBA? As you know, Russia is a member of the International Monetary Fund, and therefore the IMF is the only institution, whose instructions must comply with the Central Bank.

It has been more than 25 years from the start of the reforms, and significant system changes for the better those who remember the Soviet past, do not see, though stores like are full of products.

If you compare the price of Russia and the Soviet Union, much they have not changed, the increased cost of housing and everything to do with transport. But the main thing – in Russia there are many free services, including the provision of free apartments, which gave the people of the Soviet Union.

What do we by and large got?

First of all, has lost one of the leading places in the world with all the ensuing benefits; lost, in the broadest sense of its sovereignty, which, as we know, always based on the power of the state: the intellectual, economic, financial and armed.

Destroyed by the reformers of the education system does not allows to prepare personnel for the new, much-needed industrialization, and especially since the modernization of the economy, which likes to say our Prime Minister. This is evidenced not only workers of science and education, but our generals production, considering the unacceptably low level of training of the current graduates, especially in technical specialties.

In a country destroyed by preparation of specialists with secondary and higher education, but also training skilled workers. Not enough fitters, turners, millers, welders, etc. We are really not going to go into detail about the overall development of current graduates of schools, colleges and universities.

But high-tech production of the XXI century requires highly intelligent person! However, the Ministry of education throughout the past years didn’t know or didn’t want to know and the main task of education was to prepare qualified human user.

However, something to consume, it is necessary first to produce. Apparently, the authorities believe that will produce someone, and we only consume. In other words, we do not need their production. Although lately it seems to be using voenprom began the restoration of industry, but the process is even actively sabotaged by the Government.

Alas, we have to admit, that our elite is in fact not ours. And property these people got corrupt by for lists made abroad and the money they have, and there is their real home. So who do they serve? What kind of sovereign politics, it is possible to speak? Question not requiring an answer! The media (the manipulation of the minds of the people!) is the most modern and powerful weapons owned by the same people. Obviously, whose order they perform, if the money their owners are foreign banks! In other words, the Russian government and in the field of information sovereignty also does not have!

Some politicians call Russia a colony of the West, the other – a sovereign power. What is the nature of multiple addictions in modern Russia?

First, our country strictly depends on the consumers of its raw materials. The prices for delivered abroad oil, gas, lumber, grain, metals and so on. sets not Russia, and the countries-consumers, i.e. “world market”.

Second, Russia depends on transit countries. Being overly concerned with the export of hydrocarbons, our country has to make concessions to a number of States, which depends on logistics. Unfortunately, Russia has become a hostage of pipelines and terminals that need to contain, to protect, to serve, to be filled with hydrocarbons, but the main thing – every day to defend their performance at the political and diplomatic fronts.

Third, Russia is increasingly dependent on alternative European consumers, primarily from China. Organizing oil and gas exports to non-European countries, Russia, we believe, not so much diversifitsirovat its network of partners as expands the space of dependencies. It is necessarily underestimates the cost of raw materials and with his own hands creates a new contractual obligation in which more interested the consumer and the supplier. And this pushes itself even deeper into a niche exporter of raw materials, reserves of which, as we know, is limited.

Fourth, the Russian “elite” has long been seriously dependent on the world “technocracy”. Russia does not have a sufficiently strong layer of competitive manufacturers of software, technology, computer equipment, and infrastructure of the production of means of mobile communication.

Losing or selling off whole sectors of the national economy in the period of its maximum openness, Russia has become dependent on imports of consumer goods, industrial, medical and other equipment, electronics, home appliances, medicines and even food. This country has everything you need (arable land, water) for development of own industry of agriculture.

In 2012, Russia has voluntarily put itself at the mercy of the WTO. But forming a common economic space as an alternative to the WTO, Russia has committed itself (and this is also one of the formats depending) for the concessional lending of the EAEU countries and open the borders to unskilled labor and goods from the CIS.

We called here, not all kinds of dependencies, from which, no doubt, need to get rid of if we want to determine the fate of their country. The acquisition of Russia’s sovereignty does not imply its self-sufficiency. It is aimed at protecting national interests, but because it is urgently needed.

Economic sanctions against our country and other unfriendly actions of the West should promote the understanding that sovereignty is today the most expensive is the value of a globalized world.


According to the classification of Aristotle’s political regime is not a democracy, but an oligarchy! In addition, all “our” elite can be divided into two groups:

– one considers Russia a cash cow and milking it relentlessly,

the other believes that the cow need slaughtering, meat to sell, and to get abroad.

In the history of mankind there have been examples when a separate country for centuries after losing its sovereignty, once in a colonial relationship, then found the strength to rise from his knees.

The struggle for the restoration of the sovereignty of the Motherland can be a long and brutal. But another way to survive, to preserve his state and his nation just yet.


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