Who explained how the coronavirus is different from ordinary flu


Know about them worth every.

The world health organization has named the main differences coronavirus COVID-19 from the normal flu, reports the Chronicle.info with reference to RBC.

According to who Director-General of Tedros Adhanom of Ghebreysus, COVID-19 is a unique virus which is not similar to the regular flu. However, both infections cause respiratory disease and disseminated the same via small liquid droplets from the nose and mouth of the infected.

The first difference: COVID-19 is not transmitted as efficiently as the flu

“As for the flu, people who are infected but not yet sick, are the main factors of transmission, which apparently does not apply to the COVID-19”, — said the head of the who.

The second difference: COVID-19 causes a more severe disease than the flu

“At that time, as many people around the world have granted immunity to the seasonal strains of influenza, COVID-19 is a new virus against which no one has immunity,” explained Hebraicus.

The third difference: to constrain seasonal influenza is impossible, in contrast COVID-19

“We do not do contact tracing for seasonal flu, but the country must do it against COVID-19 because it will prevent infection and save lives,” — said the head of the who.

In summary, Gebreyesus stated that these differences mean that it is not necessary to treat the coronavirus COVID-19 as well as the flu.


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