Who benefits from discrediting half of the population?


Кому выгодна дискредитация половины населения?

These articles are now out countless daily. The purpose of these articles to discredit a large part of the society of our country. Now this is the part then that will be all. So, you know, these articles are divided into two types: custom and those who just copy them to traffic.

They are all writing a blueprint similar to the following:

Кому выгодна дискредитация половины населения?

The term “carebara” blatantly false.

A term introduced initially zero Church liberals (conditional Caninum, Kyrlezhev and other) with the aim of defamation of their ideological and Church-political opponents – Orthodox monarchists conservatives. Everything. It’s simple, if you ask. All documents evidencing the creation of the term from the air. But no one checks. In this calculation.

No one of any most extreme monarchists within the Church never, of course, attributed to the Emperor the divine nature and do not consider him divine person of the Holy Trinity. Moreover, constructed by analogy with the imaginary heresy “kaboria” so-called “carebara” never even claimed that “a king is a God.” As the attribution to the king ontological divinity no “carebara” simply does not exist. This is pure defamatory fiction. No one has ever claimed anything like that.

To say that the Lord was angry with Russian people for perjury, but the Emperor his death turned the horrors worse than those that was sent to us is the hypothesis with limited validity, but no carebare in it.One can argue against the thesis of the wrath of God on Russia and that the victim of the king he was allotted, but no carebare here.

It is important to understand. The logic is simple. If you are a believer, then you read the saints. Such was the story that Nicholas II was included in this list. So, any believer who venerates this Holy automatically carbonic.

The concept zarabia appeared in opposition to the veneration of the Holy Royal martyrs.

Now look what definition they give to this concept.

The ideology of “carbonica” in modern Russia is often associated with nationalist ideas, anti-Semitic, monarchist and (ultra)conservative ideas. Understandable, perhaps, given this, why “carbonica” so excite movies like “Matilda”.

Anti – Semitism is the characteristic feature is the reception of their ideas in modern Russia.

I.e., moreover, that, according to their theory, it turns out that all believers carbonici, and the anti-Semites and engaged in idolatry

You mean golopolosov when you write, do not forget to specify the as worshipped Lenin, Stalin, and so on. God is there and certainly was not.

To track the source from where the orders come like that – easily. As the song says: “I see those whom this holiday was booked”.

Enough to navigate in the media to track the orientation of a particular resource, blogger, channel, and so on.

This is done in order to discredit not only all believers, and when viewed from a policy perspective, and the emergence of the monarchical party in the state Duma with time. What is going to happen ( the emergence of the party), I have little doubt. No wonder, created a powerful resource with such bias.

It is clear that we are not talking about tomorrow. They need to attract more people and to gain credibility and supporters.

Why do you think the channel “Tsargrad” is not in the list propaganditskaya the Central channels? Why he stands out, too, though critical of the West? But because the Central work for some, but this channel in the agenda not included. It is very simple to trace on the Ukrainian question. One serves all Ukrainians as enemies of hatred are increasing, others treat the problem in the conflict of Russia and Ukraine – as a political issue, and people need a truce.

The fact that the monarchical party will be gaining popularity – even less doubt, as if you are not rushed to criticize this statement, because the values that they will push through – they are very simple and hurt the WHOLE nation and not just the elite. It will be difficult to fight the other, who sits his ass many, many years. And especially when its reputation is already so deep that nothing in the world will not raise her, do not try to form an opinion. Is there an easy way to check is to look at how people live. Propaganda – powerful, of course, but the price tag in the store also not far behind.

In no way do not bow to any point of view, it’s your business, just need to know both sides of the question. Now you will know that the term “carbonite” deliberately promoted now and will know what to say to such people.

The term will include anyone who will Express anything in defense of a certain period of Russian history. Even if this man does not believe. Still “carbonic”. Did not go to film – carbonic went, but the movie is not like carbonic. Bad refers to the revolution – carbonic and so on.

Classic techniques that use to put the stigma of “carbonic”:

the person starts to sneer, to distort words and names, to use dirty, deliberately degrading epithets of the king ( provocation, to you it began to be offended and then it will pripodnesla as the fact of your bigotry)

– post pornographic cartoons, seeks in literature is something that should humiliate the king, while susceptible to unverified rumors ( very easily upset knowing the history)

– verbiage, cursing first the clergy, then leads to arguments from the alleged Orthodoxy, if they seem to him “in the stream”.

And this is the real information infection, which is allowed in society now, and which spread with such speed that you do not understand, how will be infected. Be careful.



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