Who avenges the government of Medvedev, banning Ukrainian goods, don’t we?


Кому мстит правительство Медведева, запрещая украинские товары, не нам ли?

Russia banned the import from Ukraine of numerous goods. On Saturday, December 29 it became known from the decision of the Cabinet. “Russia is introducing a ban on the import of certain Ukrainian goods. This is — a response to sanctions from the Ukrainian side. Signed the corresponding decree,” — wrote on his Twitter page, the head of the government Dmitry Medvedev.

It is reported that in “stop list” was products of the food industry, as well as wheat, flour products, sweets, vegetables, fruit, beer, sunflower oil, preserves, fruit jams and jellies, juices and alcoholic drinks. In addition, the ban includes a number of industrial products, including gravel, crushed stone, limestone, hot water bottle, paper and cardboard, furniture, boilers, and gas turbines (with the exception of turbines for civil aircraft), agricultural machinery, automobile parts, wires and cables, tractors, trailers, and feminine products.

“The bulk of the goods in respect of which the ban is classified as industrial. The list also included agricultural products, raw materials and food”, — said on the government website.

As reported in the press service of the Ministry of economic development, the import into Russia of Ukrainian goods that fall under the ban, for the year 2018 is estimated at 510 million dollars. In 2017 the import of these goods amounted to 468,9 million dollars, the report States. The total import from Ukraine to Russia last year reached 4,912 billion.

We will remind, sanctions war between Moscow and Kiev lasts from September 2015. In this case, the constraints are not only goods, but also businesses and individuals.

1 November in response to similar actions by Ukraine, Russia has imposed restrictions against 322 individuals and 68 legal entities, including a number of Ministers of the Ukrainian Cabinet of Ministers, law enforcement officers, deputies.

December 25, a list of Ukrainian individuals and legal entities in respect of which are subject to special restrictive measures were expanded. The sanctions spread on the Ukrainian financial, energy, public companies, and many politicians, including over 200 MPs. Just in the sanctions list includes 245 people and 7 organizations. Now it includes 567 individuals and 75 companies.

“This is done to protect the interests of the Russian state, companies and citizens of Russia”, — said Dmitry Medvedev.

Recall that Moscow has repeatedly stated that it will cancel the restrictions in that case, if the same steps will go Kiev.

— A ban on Ukrainian goods occurs gradually, as the cat cut the tail in pieces, — said the chief editor of FORUM. MSK Anatoly Baranov.

— Why is not very clear. Ukrainian industry is keen to work with Russian is, in fact, just part of one production complex, which was developed from the mid-19th century. Poroshenko and his American handlers do not care for Ukrainian and especially Russian economic complex. But we do care! It’s all essentially our own, and sooner or later than us, so our children will have it all to recover. And mutual sanctions with Ukraine — it’s like that in punishment of the right hand to cut off a finger on the left.

If you think that Ukraine supplies us with parts for cars or sunflower oil, it gives us real results and we in return — pieces of green paper. But we, too, for that paper gave the very real things — oil, gas, palladium. It would seem — what could be simpler? To go Ukraine unilaterally to settlements in rubles! It is not necessary to limit the supply of Ukrainian goods, it has equally to our production. But let take as payment for their goods pieces of paper of our production! We told them how much I want to cut!

“SP”: — 510 million dollars is a lot of turnover between our countries?

— For Ukraine it is a huge amount to the economy of this country brought to such a state that if you do not receive another billion dollars from the IMF, it will just collapse. And then — half a billion! But for us this amount is, of course, is not critical. However, well if you think that half a billion dollars in the ruble equivalent, which we might get from Ukraine, have had a great effect on the rate of our national currency, which is now falling.

“SP”: — This measure is somehow really hit the Ukrainian authorities? And ordinary Ukrainians will not affect?

This, of course, will affect ordinary Ukrainians, especially those who labor in the real sector remains, in fact, without money and with a pile of unsold goods. But the standard of living of Ukrainians falls dramatically in 2014, and they seem happy. And that is not visible “yellow jackets” on the streets of Kiev While Yanukovych, who with such enthusiasm drove, lived not an example to be richer and richer. I would, of course, think about the nature of Ukrainian protest that Yanukovych was so bad that it was impossible to endure, and a million people of Kiev threw out on the street. And the fact that since they have no hot water, the mayor is an idiot, and, except for the sausage rolls, money is not everything — this is normal, and no social protest is not…

“SP”: — And in Russia as-that will feel the absence of these products?

— Ordinary citizens are unlikely to feel the lack of gravel or boilers with turbines, especially because all these products usually are produced in Russia and also come from other countries. But logistics will change — for example, the gravel somewhere carry for several kilometers across the Ukrainian border, and will now be transported hundreds of kilometers away. It’s more expensive, and business, of course, will feel. Some Ukrainian engineering products, especially accessories, can also be replaced, but worse and more expensive. Essentially, we punish private citizens, is that not so much.

“SP”: — How effective sanctions war with the Ukrainian authorities? Or is it just a mirror response? Besides the economic component, has he had another? Maybe ideological?

— To tell the truth, the big sense I do not see. And the taste of Ukrainian sunflower oil from the same Kuban is no different. As I said above, much more effective would be to buy Ukrainian products even more than before, but with an iron condition — only in Russian rubles! Then even paper for printing Russian rubles it would be possible to buy in Ukraine — that it would be ideologically correct! You give us a car paper, and we give you back a handful of the same paper, but with the paint.

According to the analyst, the project Manager of “Open Analytics” Roman Travin, 510 million dollars — a considerable sum, which is about 10% of the total imports from Ukraine to Russia.

— By the way, in the first half of the year ending 2018, the trade turnover between our countries increased in comparison with the previous year by more than 20%, despite all the difficulties in the relationship. So, even given the fact that the supply of certain goods will be limited, Ukraine and Russia next year will remain important trading partners for each other.

“SP”: — How the ban really hit the Ukraine?

For the country as a whole and its budget is not critical losses. But specific businesses and industries will certainly suffer seriously. How much will depend on how exporters will solve the problem: if we can find new markets or perhaps on some individual product categories, someone will be able to organize delivery to Russia via third countries. But any pronounced effect from these restrictions will not.

“SP”: — Russian authorities have repeatedly stressed that any restrictive measures directed against the Ukrainian authorities, and not against the people. Is it really so? Whether the impact of this measure on ordinary Ukrainians?

— It is clear that these measures will hurt the citizens of Ukraine, primarily engaged in those enterprises, whose products will no longer be supplied to Russia.

In sum, Russia’s response has been consistently trying to make the sanctions less affected ordinary citizens of Ukraine. Now everyone is abusing the Russian policy in the Ukrainian direction, it is enough to recall more than controversial and bizarre sanctions list of individuals, which was recently updated.

But still, the constant political demarches and restrictions for citizens of the Russian Federation from Ukraine in Moscow react with restraint and do not enter the mirror measures, to the Ukrainian citizens. The economy is the retaliatory sanctions is quite logical and justified.

“SP”: — And Russia will feel the absence of data of Ukrainian goods?

And I think not particularly.

“SP”: — Why is it done now? After Kiev imposes long against Moscow sanctions…

— Before that Russia and Ukraine have exchanged sanctions, and the current is also not the last. But as Russia takes a constructive position underlined: the Russian leadership has repeatedly spoken about willingness to normalize relations if Ukraine, for its part, is ready. In this approach, it is logical that Moscow is not taking harsh action and as would lagging a step or two from the Ukraine in response.


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