Who and what drains the Pope?


Кто и зачем сливает Папу Римского?

“In mid-September in Italy published a document that shed light on the mystery of the disappearance of Emanuela Orlandi 15 — year-old daughter of an employee of the office of the Pope. This story 35 years, dominates the country, and for good reason. It involved terrorists, the Freemasons, the two-faced cardinals and intelligence agencies. “It’s better than a Dan brown novel”, said the Italian writer Rita di Giovacchino, and she’s right.”

When I read this story, I immediately wondered why such a sensitive issue was raised now. Just because nothing happens, especially when it comes to documents, damaging such an important person.

So I remembered your recent article stating that Russia is prepared for the arrival of the gray cardinal.

About how this event is unique and important for Europe and Russia.


“The Vatican for the first time in the history of preparing the Pope’s visit to Moscow. The meeting of the heads of the Catholic and Russian Orthodox churches comes from the Vatican. In an interview with the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera said the closest ally of the Pontiff, the Roman Curia Secretary of state Pietro Parolin.

He Parolin will meet with Patriarch Kirill in Peredelkino on August 22, will be discussed inter-Church relations and international politics. It is expected that Parolin will meet with Putin.
In Russia did not come yet none of the popes, the reason is a tense relationship between the Orthodox and Catholic churches.”

Too many important events in the religious environment in recent times. This is not surprising. The Vatican is the biggest owner on the planet, now not only ceased to criticize the policy of the Russian authorities, but also making another attempt of rapprochement with the ROC.

So, it is undeniable how aggressively you become an obstacle to the rapprochement of the Catholic Church with the Russian Orthodox Church. Before, I was sure that nothing good comes from the Vatican is not worth waiting, especially if you look at how the collapse of Orthodoxy in Ukraine, but now the flow of events led me to other thoughts.

First, against the Pope turned a full-scale war.
It openly trying to replace him as different ways.

Using history with this girl including.

Кто и зачем сливает Папу Римского?

Details can learn here
And how could we not odnosili to the Pope, the order against him is a very important sign. Hampered not only the Pope, exactly how much the very fact of the reconciliation of Catholicism and Orthodoxy.

I wonder whose interests this turn?

Look who is behind the campaign against the Pope.
Кто и зачем сливает Папу Римского?

Against the Pope are now very actively supports trump. Who is behind the trump no longer a secret. If you have a secret, see here with this material.

Started to accuse the Vatican of all sins. Sins then Yes, these are, but they do not bother so many centuries. Dad bounces.

Кто и зачем сливает Папу Римского?

That in the Vatican the heyday of pedophilia told everything from small to large.

That the policy of the Vatican aimed at the destruction of Europe too.

All their problems described Dostoyevsky, but tight to do decided now. When Russia is actively trying to restore respect for the Church I… when the Vatican has made a gesture in our direction for the first time in history.

Plus everything in Europe is brewing another problem that can lead to schism, deeper than sanctions.

“Islam has the potential to massively increase its presence in Europe with the blessing of the Church…. The Church not only leads Europe to a standstill, she shoots herself in the foot”. — Laurent Dandru, editor of the cultural Department of the French magazine Valeurs Actuelles.

Why now?

Dad began to merge in the beginning of the work on the reconciliation of the Vatican and the Russian Orthodox Church. And none other than trump. Not exactly trump, and whoever’s behind him. Because there’s nothing worse for standing behind the trump, as the strengthening of Christianity. And then not only Russia in the game. But Belarus.

Кто и зачем сливает Папу Римского?

In any case, the question is very acute, because personally I do not trust neither to Vatican nor to the Trump, because the Vatican is not accustomed to occupy the sides and accustomed to a monopoly as “team trump”. What motivates the Pope: his remorse for not only his mistakes, cowardice to attack trump or a cunning plan to unite the religions is a complex issue.



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