While collecting signatures in support of nomination of Putin know about it?


А сборщики подписей в поддержку самовыдвижения Путина ведают ли об этом?

Media reported that Russia began collecting signatures in support of nomination of Putin. From the movement “Volunteers of Victory” in the Khabarovsk region opened Russia’s first points of the collection of signatures
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If this campaign was carried out only on the enthusiasm of volunteers who want to see Putin in power, I still could understand. But for the organization of signatures collection and the whole campaign will be spent from the Federal budget about 15 billion rubles.
How much further will collect presidential candidates, appealing to ordinary Russians and entrepreneurs?

So, a huge role in the campaign for the candidate play money and encourage volunteers to be active.

But even a decent earnings in the days of the election campaign, does not compensate for the problems to be faced after the election volunteers themselves.

The country has grown a generation of people whose parents, a huge family constraints learned, and they can’t find a job in the specialty. Young people are forced to live in temporary work, to seek work abroad.

And how demeaning a job that paid 7 thousand rubles. per month. In Germany working and receives a salary for a half day.

Collecting signatures in support of Pitino may not know that each year more than 9 million victims of crime do not receive the status of “victim” because according to their statements about the crime, they make unlawful and unreasonable decision about refusal in excitation of criminal case.

From this tyranny the Russians do not find judicial protection, because for all the years in power, Putin was never established justice, as a form of state activity, carried out in a particular order, established by the Constitution and procedural legislation.

Me more than ten times the investigators on spurious grounds tried not to admit to participation in criminal proceedings, and twice judges have recognized such actions, inaction and decisions of the investigators illegal and unjustified.

And you know the volunteers that we have thousands sit for anything, and the third not?

In article 22 of the Russian Constitution States that the arrest, detention and detention is permitted only by judicial decision. It seemed that this is correct. Criminal proceedings has as its purpose: protection of individuals from illegal and unwarranted accusation, conviction and restriction of rights and freedoms (article 6 UPK the Russian Federation).

In addition, persons conducting the prosecution and the media, the judiciary are obliged to fulfill the principles of criminal justice, according to which nobody may be detained on suspicion of committing a crime or detained without legal grounds under CPC RF.

A person may be detained only if there is a lawful and reasonable the resolution on attraction as the accused.

But by entering into a custody, the courts do not check the execution of the order of the indictment that specified in article 171 of the criminal procedure code of the Russian Federation. They don’t check whether the investigator has enough evidence for the prosecution of a person crime of which accused.

Thus, conducting the prosecution and judges not executed that requires the Constitution and the principles of criminal justice. So it turns out that thousands are imprisoned for nothing, and another third not for.

But this disaster Putin, as the guarantor of the Constitution is indifferent.

Putin is indifferent to the fact that grandparents volunteers receive pensions below the subsistence minimum. It is satisfied with the fact that his appointees receive pensions 20-30 times higher than the average pension in the country.

Do I have to participate in the election of someone who in 18 years in Russia and not made Man, his rights and freedoms as the highest value?

Vladimir Osin, the lawyer


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