Which diet will protect against dental caries?


Какая диета защитит от кариеса?

Specialists from Bavaria introduced the diet which will help to protect the teeth from decay.

Fans said: “of Course, it should be clear that our diet immediately excluded such foods as sweets, chocolate, fizzy drinks and other products hazardous to health of the teeth. But we drew attention to other nuances, for example, we do not recommend brushing your teeth immediately after drinking orange juice or other acidic after drinks and dishes, comprising vinegar”.

Another important condition was the ban on use of soft foods. If you want your teeth remain healthy, they must constantly perform its function, in other words. to bite and chew solid foods.

The scientists added: “If you eat solid food, the jaw at this point begins to actively work, and therefore begin to work and the biological mechanisms that produce saliva. In turn, the saliva washes the teeth and stops tooth decay”.


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