Where to go in April: named as the best areas for tourism


Куда поехать в апреле: названы лучшие направления для туризмаThe best time to travel.

April is recognized as the best time to travel. Experienced travelers know that during this period in most countries have established warm and dry weather, the snow melted, but not yet the summer heat and the large number of people wishing to visit the sights.

During this period, many are planning their trips. The following is a ranking of the 12 countries and cities where you can go for new experiences right now. Among them, Washington (USA) with its festival dedicated to the cherry blossoms, the capital of Cuba Havana, the capital of Italy Rome, Canary Islands, Tokyo and Taiwan.


Washington should come in April to attend the festival National Cherry Blossom Festival. It is dedicated to the cherry blossoms. The trees were donated to the city in 1912 from Tokyo. In the framework of the festival concerts and parades, flying kites. Every year this event attracts up to 1.5 million people. Also, the city is interesting for its architecture and attractions.


Charleston is another American city that worth a visit in April. It is located in the South of America. At this time there is pleasant weather, and the rest of the sun’s rays incinerate everything around it. In April, excursions in historical places of the city, walks on the beach and the festival of Houses and Gardens will be the most pleasant for tourists.

Kansas City

Kansas city is the third city in the United States to inspect in April. Warm and dry weather is conducive to visits to the zoo, parks and museums. Kansas city center and the best place for a family holiday.


Cuban capital Havana should be in the list of the traveler in April. The Cuban capital is now experiencing the change. Transformation to occur too rapidly, so travelers with the experience recommend to visit this city and walk its streets. Mild weather helps to explore the historic places of the city and the ocean.


Valparaiso, Chile is also worth a visit in April. The town is sandwiched on a narrow strip of land between sea and hills. The historical centre is the narrow cobbled streets that wind through the hillsides. Around the town there are rocks and cliffs, accessible by cable cars and enjoy the views from the viewing platforms. The main attractions of the city is Muelle Prat, the newly constructed pier, which stretches a market. Also there are universities and museums.


Rome, Italy is another place to visit before the summer heat. The capital of Italy is one of the oldest cities in Europe and capital of the Roman Empire. Once in the city be sure to see the Colosseum. It was built on the site of an artificial sea of Nero in the year 80 of our era. Also noteworthy tourist attractions such as the Trevi fountain and its sculpture. Also in Rome is certainly worth a watch Forum Romanum. This place was an important religious and political center of the Roman Empire.


Holiday in Cyprus in April will allow you to fully enjoy the scenery and to check the purity of the sea. Beaches are mostly Blue flag of the European Union, which guarantees clean sea and high quality service. Resting here is to visit the city of Limassol, the Bay of Aphrodite. Also experienced travelers are advised to explore the Byzantine castle of Kolossi, a Church in which Richard I the Lionheart married Princess of Navarre. The island has a Venetian fortress that also interesting to visit.

Canary Islands

Canary Islands and its capital is Santa Cruz de Tenerife and Las Palmas de Gran Canaria is worth a visit in April to enjoy the warm sea, the sun and the sights. The Islands are part of Spain, but the atmosphere here is not European. Worth coming here for exotic fruits, black volcanic sand on the beaches.


To appreciate the beauty of Victoria falls can only in April. It is located on the Zambezi river in South Africa and is located on the border of two States, Zambia and Zimbabwe. Waterfall is the main attraction of the region is protected by UNESCO. The river divides the territory of two nature parks “Thundering smoke” and “Victoria Falls” Zambia, Zimbabwe respectively. The waterfall is 100 meters and a width of 1 kilometer.


The Penang state in Malaysia is in Malacca Strait, in the North-West of the same Peninsula. Penang is a business center, there are business forums. Along with the business here developed tourism. Outdoor sports and activities such sports activities as Windsurfing, parasailing, diving will make your stay original. Also here you can find 4 Golf club, few clubs for those who play tennis, squash and riding. Cultural programme during your holiday here will be no less intense due to events held in the ethnographic Museum.


Mild weather will allow you to get the most out of your holiday in Taiwan. National parks and nature reserves, endemic species of animals and plants is only part of wealth. The second part is in the cities. The rich history of the island left their mark in architecture. So here you can find monuments of Chinese, Japanese and European cultures. Gastronomic stay is also possible here. Exotic food and tea is worth a try.


Tokyo, Japan’s capital is the largest metropolis on the planet, with the largest population. He can please the tourist in April the cherry blossoms and variety of cultural traditions.


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