Where to go for the may holidays in Ukraine


Куда отправиться на майские праздники в Украине There are several options for families.

This year the Ukrainians in may will receive three additional days off. And prudent travelers are already planning the trip. Where to go in Ukraine you can read below.

Kiev: tulips and den

Go on may in the national Museum of folk architecture and life of Ukraine. Here on 5-6 may will take place the spring fair of folk masters. Always wanted to make a pot on a Potter’s wheel or wanted to try his hand at wood carving? At this point the desire will quickly come true! And to learn traditional crafts can have outstanding masters of the country.

“And you can buy Handicrafts: embroidered shirts, pottery, woven baskets, jewelry, dolls, Ukrainian gingerbread and other”, — said the head of the Department of public relations of the Museum Elena Zelenko.

Adult Museum ticket — 50 UAH children under 10 years — 15 UAH. Work schedule — from 10:00 to 19:00.
And in the Park “Kievan Rus” on may 1-2 will conduct ancient Slavic rituals — health, luck, happiness. You can see the theatrical production “the Power of love”, a musical play “Slavic musical” and a medieval Nativity scene with performances by trick equestrian theater. In between events will be free to taste the dishes of the “Prince of cooks”, a game of medieval football, to learn the ancient dance marazula and participate in a dancing flash mob! Such actions will be may 5-6.

But Victory Day in the Park a celebration of strength and valor. Initially, visitors will meet a Prince with a combat squad, and then see stunts such as a rider at full gallop chops a cabbage or gets an arrow in the target. Not without interactive activities. Men will be able to experience the power, after taking caber toss. But women and children will be invited to participate in the tug of war and battles in the bags. The Park is open from 10:00 to 21:00, but theatrical program from 13:30 to 19:00. Rate — 150 UAH (adult), 100 UAH (pensioners, students), 50 UAH (for students), free for preschoolers.

In Kiev you can look at the Song festival grounds, as usual, at this time there will be an exhibition of tulips. This time it was called “Around the world”, the organizers promise a Grand scale, unique installations by world-class incredible floral arrangements! Work schedule — from 10:00 to 21:00. Entrance — 50 UAH (adult) and 25 UAH (children).

Lions dedication to the bullies, and barbecue grills

Fun to spend the may holidays in Lviv. There will be several events: the project “Lviv on the plate” (may 1-6), the international folklore festival “circle of friends” (3-7 may), the festival “Weathercocks of Lviv” (May 4-6) and “FOODКультура” (4-6 may), barbecue fest (may 5-6), the international festival of wind orchestras “Royal lion” (may 5-6).

And if you are staying in Lviv until may 5, will fall upon the city Day celebration.

“A lot of interesting things planned, but the exact program will only be known after Easter”, — told the “Today” head of the Department of tourism and resorts of Lviv oblast Natalia Tobacco.

In the beginning there is also annually celebrate the Day of batyar. First time I heard the word “batyar”?! Talk: Lviv batiars are representatives of subculture, which emerged in the town in the early twentieth century. Special features — the dandified appearance and your language. For example, teachers they called Belfer, and hand — graboi. Well, actually, the word batyar mean bully.

To match him — and humor music: fun, energetic, and cocky. So in the batyar Day in the streets of Lviv is expected to present the fun — theatrical street performances, amusements, dances, songs. Traditionally will work Batyar’s Chancellery, where everyone guest will be able to undergo the rite of initiation into urban hooligans and to present batyar ID.

Pereyaslav: flight memory

This city-Museum is interesting to visit any time, but especially during 6-9 may. In these numbers there will be balloon Fiesta. You will have the opportunity not only to observe how the balloons are ready to fly, but to rise to the sky in a balloon (with an instructor) and admire the Dnieper landscapes from height of bird’s flight. The spectacle is truly spectacular, though not cheap (adults — from 2500 UAH/hour; children from 1250 UAH/hour). Fees will be held on the Central square in Pereyaslav here and decide which site starts the flight.

“Planned flights over the city, and on may 8 — the flight of memory over the Dnieper river in the area Bukrinsky bridgehead. This is the place where during the crossing of the Dnieper killed a lot of people. I’d say this is one of the bloodiest places in the history of the Second world war. And if the weather permits, during the flight we’re using to water flowers in memory of those killed in the war,” — said the President of Federation of ballooning of Ukraine in Kyiv oblast Vyacheslav Gardashlyk.

Kamenetz: picnic and quest

Once you visit Kamianets-Podilskyi, and you forever will fall in love with this small town on the picturesque slopes. Cobblestone streets, historic monuments and the magnificent fortress overnight shift in the middle ages. But most clearly felt the spirit of the past April 30: at this time the fortress is the “Historical picnic in Kamenets castle”. Like kings wrote feathers and assured the convolution wax seals? How candles were made and arrow as a forged horseshoe? The answers to these questions you will find at the festival!

“The peculiarity of this event is that it not only brings in the historical period, but also allows you to test yourself in different ancient crafts”, — says head of the Department of Kamyanets-Podilsky state historical Museum-reserve Natalia, Rybchak.

Guests will be able to participate in quests: for example, to excavate, to find pieces of alleged Tripoli ware, and to paint under the guidance of a master. Will have the opportunity to mold “Tripoli” pot. There is a lesson and for lovers of cooking: you can bake fragrant bread and cook the brew according to old recipes. And men can feel themselves hunters, to shoot arrows with flint arrowheads in a piece of meat. In short, an interesting exercise for all family members! Entry — 40 UAH for adults and 20 UAH for the children. But if you bring a picnic basket, empty for free. Pass the picnic will be from 11 to 18 hours.

Mukachevo: fire, meat and circuses

To enjoy the Carpathian cuisine, go in Mukachevo in the gastronomic festival “OGG I mnyaso” (3-6 may).

“At this time in the Central Park of Victory would be to try the traditional meat and vegetable dishes and tastings of natural wines and beer,” says head of the Tourist information centre of Mukachevo and Maksim Adamenko.

Meals promise to be very tasty, because the main concept of this event — cooking on the fire. So if you want to arrange a holiday of the stomach, go here!

In addition to the feast, the organizers have planned a rich entertainment program: will be workshops, contests, musical performances and even a fire show. The entrance to the festival village is free, schedule — from 11:00 to 21:00.

Besides the may holidays — the period of flowering cherry trees. So if you are in Mukachevo, stroll through the longest alley of sakuras in Transcarpathia (more than 1300 m street, Uzhgorod).

Ternopil: food for the soul and body

Here may 4-6, will host “Art festival “”.

“In the music scene you can listen to Dmitry Lazutkina and Boris Sevastyanov, on the theatre — to see the play “albert, ABO nivida form strati” (the product Andrukhovych), the literary — to listen to the speech of Serhiy Zhadan and others.” — says press Secretary of the festival Zoryana Yuzvin.

Everything will take place in the drama theatre. T. Shevchenko. Tickets — from 200 UAH for 3 days. In these numbers will astrofestival “Ternopil gate.” Last year it ate a 400-meter sausage. What will happen in this still unknown, but it will definitely be something interesting.

Uzhgorod: the festivals of cherry blossom and kettle

As Mukachevo, this town in early may, is smothered in soft pink flowers of Japanese cherry. But walks “Paradise” not only entertainment for may. 1 may, in addition to the “Sakura-fest” in Uzhgorod will host a festival of fire art “Fire life”. Will be theatre of fire, fire of battle, led shows, workshops…

“Don’t miss the opportunity to visit on 1 may at the International festival-Cup kettle”, says Maksim Adamenko. He passes near Uzhgorod, in the village of Koson, on-site health and recreational complex “hot springs Kosino”.

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Kettle is king of the Transcarpathian cuisine — a thick soup of meat and paprika. The festival will be various variations, as well as master classes in his cooking.


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