Where to get the money ?


Где взять деньги ?

Recently I read an interesting thought about money, That money they should have.

I honestly tried to find philosophical meaning in this expression. But I couldn’t, because it’s a paradox. How can you have money if they are not found ?

Really, it’s kind of a joke, but what is the deeper meaning – “they should have” ! But how ? How ?!. Maybe to do this, instead of one trench a day to dig two trenches ? Or maybe, instead of one floor a day to build two storey building in a one-story house ?

In General, it is difficult to understand what does the expression “they should have”. How ?!. Where ?!. Their honest labor to achieve this almost impossible. It is so arranged our lives that the laborer his labor can only make money on the sustenance and maintenance of his family.

Some pundits say that, they say, it is not necessary to work on the sewer. For example. But that is less likely to go to the toilet, you have less to eat. And if you’re rare and a little to eat, you will not have the strength to work. Not going to work – you will pay. That is, if you never see the money.

Well, so what ? You know where to get the money that they have ?!. I still don’t understand. And sentences like “needs more work” or “I Need to go to graduate school and to use this knowledge” is not considered serious.

After all, to get a job in a respectable organization to obtain a position at a prestigious institution or a promising company only to pull.

By the way, posts nowadays often “inherited” and the cronyism and nepotism flourished. Overage children “of folk Pryanikov” and “appointed patriots” occupied “bread” places in the economy of the country. They especially like prestigious positions in major banks and companies with state participation.

I would like to give “always great to play” example. In a single, very distant, country in a large malotonazhnoy company was even established the post of Vice-President, government relations of his dad !

But workers with more income “cream of society”, and where to get money to feed itself. Can you give a funny example. When I lived on the Arbat in the next apartment lived a young couple. So, the wife forced her husband to work two jobs. This young man practically not was and looked like a squeezed lemon.

And after some time his wife filed for divorce. And at the divorce proceedings, she blatantly stated he does not satisfy me (in the sexy sense). So, where does he get the strength ?!.

By the way, with great certainty, I can assume that those funds that come to the card account or received in cash businesses, for a long time you have delayed.

They immediately flee from you in the form of payments for utility services, for kindergarten, music school, sports school and related expenses, as well as for high school, where your children are. About money in high school you can do another article.

And suddenly you have a car or a cottage, inherited ? I hope I don’t need to list all the endless costs they require ?

Oh, I almost forgot to say what to eat something you still need. And buying clothes is necessary. And kids to buy all sorts of gadgets. And so on and so forth…

I so wanted to tell you something interesting that I even digress from the main topic – what to do to have money. Rather, it is such a difficult and “dark” theme that it is better not to delve into the meaning of this expression. I propose to end the discussion more understandable, household, level. So here’s my idea:

So you had money, you had to have them. If you have no money, then money has you.

(Paradoxes of survival)

Sergey Paliy.



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