Where this summer you can relax for 300 dollars


Где этим летом можно отдохнуть за 300 долларовHolidays in Turkey and Egypt a little more expensive.

This year Ukrainians are more actively booking tours for the summer. But due to the cost of fuel and increase the influx of tourists, the hoteliers in Turkey, which remains one of the most popular destinations, has promised to raise prices for the summer vacation.

The President of the Mediterranean Association of tourist hoteliers and hotel managers Erkan Jaggi noted that they need to achieve a balance between cost and quality service. It is therefore necessary to update the price list for hotel services. At the same time, prices will rise gradually.

“Yes, prices will rise due to the fact that many of the hotels in Turkey did this year renovation. Now we see that hotels on a season filled almost 60%. In Egypt, while price increases does not expect”, – noted in “Join UP!”.

In one of the local tour operators said on average prices for popular destinations, which are expected this summer. So, a tour to Bali for 10 days, which includes flights, transfers and accommodation, will cost $ 800. In Egypt and Turkey prices are similar, on average, have to spend about $ 600.

Stay on the largest island of the archipelago of the Canary Islands, Tenerife, will cost 500 euros for 10 days. The tour also includes accommodation, flights and transfers. Holidays in the Spanish Costa Brava and Costa Blanca will cost € 400 for 7 days.

The price of the tour to Hainan island, also is gaining popularity among tourists, starts from $ 600. But a holiday in Cyprus and Montenegro could become one of the most economical options – EUR 320 and $ 300. respectively.

Travel expert Andrey Nikolaev also advised to pay attention to less popular but no less interesting areas, such as Central Asian countries.

“I would advise you to pay attention to the countries of Central Asia, particularly Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan, where everyone can find something interesting for yourself. Charyn canyon and lake Kaindy and Issyk-Kul lake, Pamir highway, the ancient cities of Uzbekistan. For example, the city of Khiva is more than 2500 years. Cuisine, history and culture of these countries very interesting and most importantly, that never reached mass tourism. Also pay attention to countries such as Myanmar, Cuba, etc., which are changing very much under the influence of the flow of tourists”, says Andrey Nikolaev.


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