Where there’s money there and Chubais


As said before, RBC, February 12 at a meeting with Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich Rosatom and RUSNANO Anatoly Chubais has asked the state more than $ 1.5 trillion. RUB for modernization of energy of Russia.

Despite the fact that all participants in the meeting declined to comment hit the press news, it is, nevertheless, became public. And the public became somehow not on itself due to the fact that Chubais fired up another “exceptional” idea: to take from the Treasury $ 1.5 trillion. RUB on the development of “green” energy – its wind and solar sources and small hydropower plants.

The fact that people have not forgotten that all his previous projects, including the reform of RAO UES, with a crash and huge losses for the state budget failed. But since he got away with it, which is stuck good profits, allowing, for example, to build a personal castle in Peredelkino – he is willing to learn a new trillion. Here it has been just some sort of pathological obsession.

In this regard, I remember how four years ago he was with the same lust “rolled lip” on the Pension Fund of Russia. Then he, without a moment’s hesitation, offered to amend the pension legislation, which would allow to invest Pension Fund in nanotechnology.

Apparently, deciding on a decent pension is still not enough for all, Anatoly Chubais, and has his eye on one of the few remaining in the state of pod – FIU. Not that he had not been looking at her, but he realized that it was time to act like an adult, apparently, after came into a new position as Chairman of the Board “RUSNANO” he smoothly moved in the chair head of the Management company “Rosnano”, which took over the function of asset management. Well, where the assets there, as you know, and Chubais.

The money from the Pension Fund he promised to not take forever, since I was firmly convinced that by 2017, “RUSNANO” will become a break-even company, and in a year there will be a qualitative leap and investors shareholders will receive dividends for the first time. But this required to involve some money, namely 150 billion rubles until 2020. As you know, Anatoly Borisovich is utter nonsense. But somehow investors, on hearing this tempting offer, in turn, did not run. Apparently not forgotten that in the last few years, the loss of RUSNANO amounted to several billion rubles.

Tired of waiting, Chubais decided to actively attack the Pension Fund. “If you take European or American counterparts, he said, – you will see that investor No. 1 in the world is a Pension Fund. He, diversifying their assets, has the right to a small share to invest in projects of this kind, which create so can we.” – hot “tipster” and knowing that if it was legally forbidden, it was proposed output – only need to improve pension legislation. And, as we know, Chubais is a master of “improvement”!

And his impatience was clear: pension funds have not allowed to sleep reformers Gaidar bottling, offering to invest more Pension funds in Russian assets, including the CAPITAL of DOMESTIC BANKS. In General, the idea went to the masses. Well, how far she’d go, better to understand, apparently, those who a year or two to retire.


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