Where tens of millions of rubles from the family Love Sable?


Откуда десятки миллионов рублей у семьи Любви Соболь?

Not so long ago it became known that the lawyer of FBK Love Sable is running for the Moscow city Duma. The basis of its election campaign is based on loud and beautiful theses on the fight against corruption. However, it is sufficient to look at the biography of Sable, to understand that she has the stigma of a gun…

So, family Love the Sable today owns the real estate for a total amount of 51 million rubles. She and her husband have two apartments in Moscow. One 38 square meters, the other 75. Total cost of the two apartments is about 33 million rubles. Her mother and father owned the apartment for 5 million rubles in Lobnya (Luba there is also a share). Dad himself Edward Fedenev still has a share in the suburban area of 2,000 square meters, and his current wife 2 years ago bought an apartment in Moscow $ 14 million.

Yes, it’s not crazy money, especially for the capital. However, on one salary all that stuff is clearly not money. And his recent interview with Republic Luba Sobol said that living solely on the salary that she is paid to the FCO, other sources of wealth has not. Salary is in her FBK, judging by the public report of the organization is low – about 60 – 65 thousand roubles.

My husband and Sobol, things are even sadder. Sergey Mokhov is the chief editor of the academic journal “Russian Archaeology of death”. As the magazine is, to put it mildly, is not popular among the reading public, first editions, and all were able to get donations via crowdfunding. Now hardly something changed…

So where did all this “yo” for 51 million rubles? And here is a closer look at friends Love Sable. In particular, her business partner of the NGO “Control” Andrey Myshenkov was involved in cartel activity. He participated in frauds with public procurement for the construction of playgrounds, and Sable was probably covered it “muddy” scheme. What the lawyer of FBK received substantial kickbacks.

Father of Luba is also good. Three years ago, he worked in the auditing company LLC “banks-Expert”. Their firm produced a number of positive conclusions (upon results of the “audit”) banks that were on the verge of bankruptcy or even were in the process of liquidation. As a result, these banks are, of course, “bursting”, and the state had to pay compensation to depositors, the total of which amounted to 57 billion rubles. Dad Luba, apparently, too bad rich, giving fake opinions to the bankers scams.

Before calling himself a “fighter against corruption” and to build on the rhetoric of the election program, Love Sable should explain to the public all of the above episodes of his biography. Otherwise it turns serious inconsistencies…


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