Where in the Russian government are crystal honest people?


Откуда в российском правительстве такие кристально честные люди?

In Russia there is corruption among janitors, doctors, teachers, and even among the governors. And only the government are crystal honest people. Even if they are in something of a rebuke and the case comes to court, there it is safely apart.

Today released the Deputy Minister of culture Pirumov. Was accused of theft of public funds in the amount of 168 million rubles. But the court ruled 1,5 year of prison and 300 thousand rubles of a penalty. And then released the Deputy Minister. Almost an honest man, just got into bad company.

And how many have slandered Vasilyeva and Serdyukov — and both were honest and decent people. And yet there was a case against the former Minister of agriculture Skrynnik — so it is all before the trial collapsed. Because the former Minister is an honest decent woman. The only black sheep in the herd — the speaker. Although it is not known more than a fair trial in his case will end.

Look at this picture and wonder to myself: how in such a corrupt country, the government were such crystal honest and decent people? Miracles of life!


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