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Куда отправляются корабли после своего последнего плавания. ФотоIn the world there are many unusual and mystical places.

What could be scarier and more interesting than a long abandoned ship? A fascinating spectacle. Most of the ships are huge, their greatness terrify the townsfolk, because in sea we see only the surface part of the ship – the stern, the deck and masts. And then there is the keel, which is like a backbone, supports the entire ship is under water.

Why ships become living monuments, and where they go in swimming? Some fail, others have served their time, others were abandoned by their owners, the fourth hijacked by pirates and abandoned on the picturesque shores of the Indian ocean.

The most famous graveyards of ships can be considered the coast of Bangladesh, Pakistan, Indonesia and India. Over 90% of all decommissioned vessels, branching his term, remain moored in these shores.

Industry ship breakers Bangladesh

Куда отправляются корабли после своего последнего плавания. Фото

One of the biggest graveyards of ships is located near the city of Chittagong, in the small village of FAO, Jorhat. Almost the entire coast was flooded ruins of old merchant vessels, which the local population disassemble the parts.

The business section of the ships first appeared in 1960 in Bangladesh after the owner of a giant cargo ship refused to remove it off the rocks in the Bay of Bengal after a severe storm. By the end of 1980-ies of the ship breakers industry reached its peak. Almost every young man worked on black paper, bound with old rusty and destroyed by the courts.

Куда отправляются корабли после своего последнего плавания. Фото

Lowered flags, rusted side covering the shellfish and dried seaweed, stained with fuel oil water – here it is the final resting place for the once huge cruise ships, mighty wagons, tankers, bulk carriers and container vessels.

Куда отправляются корабли после своего последнего плавания. Фото

Ghosts Of The North

Not only in India you can meet lost and destroyed ships. In Murmansk region there are two absolutely unique cemetery of ships. Enchanting views of nature, crystal clear water of the Barents sea, authenticity and serenity that prevails in an abandoned port, brought more than one ship. Many of the ships were built in the early XX century, but, unfortunately, they were only skeletons.

Куда отправляются корабли после своего последнего плавания. Фото

More modern submarines, gone to rest, can be seen in the Bay with a very appropriate name “Invisible”. Bay is really a long time became invisible to the eye, it is also on the Kola Peninsula, in the border zone. Not every inhabitant of the polar region knows what it is. Nevertheless, since the 1970s the Bay was used as a sump for military submarines and boats that were in disrepair.

The Aral desert

Куда отправляются корабли после своего последнего плавания. Фото

Once, prior to the shallowing, one of the biggest largest lakes in the world was the Aral sea. But after its water was used to irrigate fields, and increase the content of salt it started to dry out, connecting with the mainland. There he established a laboratory to test the biochemical items and weapons. After the lake dried up completely, on the bare sand towering rusty frames and even entire ships. It looks daunting. Scientists have found that the return of the Aral sea in the former view it is not possible for a number of reasons, and hence the ship graveyard will remain to stand under the scorching sun of Muynak.

Куда отправляются корабли после своего последнего плавания. Фото

Sleep well, SSAmerica

One of the old destroyed ships, which still dominates the thoughts at the mere sight of him can be seen off the coast of Greece. And you can see it only if it is low tide, or the remnants of the ship are under water. Ocean liner SSAmerica was launched on 31 August 1939 and continued to walk for 54 years, before disaster struck. During the Second world war he was commissioned as a naval engineering and was capable of carrying 7678 soldiers. It was installed anti-aircraft guns.

Куда отправляются корабли после своего последнего плавания. Фото

This ship was sold in 1993 to the owners, who planned the refurbishment of the ship for transfer to 5-star hotel in Thailand. But this did not happen. New year’s eve 1993, a massive ship left port in Greece to be transported to Thailand, but the storm broke the tow-rope, the ship drifted. It ran aground on January 18. After only 2 days because of the storm the ship was split in two, and the back of the giant ship crashed into the ocean.

Куда отправляются корабли после своего последнего плавания. Фото


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