When the snow has melted


No, not spring time is involved. Just becomes commonplace when the New year is around the corner, and dropped in enough snow melts suddenly in one night!

What hunting can be when under my feet the dirt and the sky has sprung a leak! — I will say random people. And the hunter will certained, would delay hood and I’ll go out through the fields and forests to look for good luck. And, interestingly, happens, and will smile at him happiness hunting!
Except that the Bunny will find near the village? — think with Michael, walking down the road from the city.

— What? There was also the imprint, while not melted at all — where would he go if not to drive!
— It seems that except us with you, nobody in this weather will not go.

Bear and his loyal assistant Rick goes to the barn at the border of the fields and wetland meadows, and I choose a place near forest plantations, crossing the field at right angles. It often takes a hare who manages to hold the hunter, rising in the grass or plowing unnoticed. I see the input field.

About an hour passes and Mishkin voice was very close. Empty! If each corral the beast was, the hunters numbers would not exist!

We decide to check out several field… that’s even what to call it, don’t know. Imagine an open field, and it is solid, impenetrable thickets of blackthorn, viburnum, rose hips and blackberries. It all grows so densely that person to get there is quite impossible. But as the blackthorn, guelder rose and dog rose berries keep for quite a long time, these wilds, attracted by blackbirds, magpies, jays, waxwings and other birds. Fox to get to the berries before the snow comes, it is problematic enough, but when the drifts rise to branches, red will get vitamins without restrictions. Not everyone knows that foxes love the fruit. I was very surprised when I made this discovery. In our area, and in the other, probably, there also are free-standing Apple-wildings. The fruits of some of them are very tasty. Now, in the period of maturation of the Fox family stuffed the trail under a tree. It’s the same with the turn.

Our method of hunting on the thorns simple: we went around two sides of the beater with the wind, shooter — on the contrary. Ironically, for all his caution sometimes the Fox decides to get a look at the troublemaker, and the Bear had been a couple of times to complete the hunt itself. But this happens rarely, and usually have a honey, not without the help of dogs, flies to the opposite edge.

You know that you can not open middle of the field to stand! When the snow, in a white robe where else, and so… no matter How ostorozhnichat, and the steps heard quite far, and, fearing podumat, I stopped about twenty metres away from the Bush. And then I hear: rustled in the bushes! Whether Rick is already selected or something. But my heart is already pounding thrills, here is a little red face looking at me! The gun itself to shoulder took off, but have nowhere to shoot. And the dog was right there, just ran on the field! And let traces to dismantle — seen a Fox here before us had netoptima. Bushes the size of a hundred and seventy, and on the other hand hunter is. Where is she going to do? It just seems that nowhere! A bear can smell it, I did find a place where to pop out.

This season was a case where we were surrounded by the swamp field is much smaller and the four friends managed to escape unharmed.

— Bear, Fox! — oru I, openly.

To me she POPs up, and quickly moved to the side. Rick finally catches on horseback warm smell and desperately breaks into the bushes. A few minutes circling the Fox, not wanting to leave the shelter, but our AGD very persistent, and that red lightning flies over the emerald carpet simki! At a distance of fifty meters the charge of “b” s very effective!

— Well, — suitable satisfied with Michael — without the snow did!

After a few days again it snowed and melted again. Now we together with Alexander going out of town.

— Know exactly where the answer is! — share with a buddy, twice passed and twice in one place!
— To try something you can!

Mark was at the expected location. Even dvojka — there and back again. The grass is still somehow readable, but on the field is simply awful! Had to spend about an hour and do three laps before they were able to come out to warm more prone. Sasha goes farther on the trail, and I’m trying to guess the place where our paths will cross. As a result I am able to go to such a place, only too late. I understand when the partner comes out to me, and unnoticed trail, runs in ten metres.

Now I am trails, and you podstraivalsya, — Sasha nods his head.

Three times I lost track of where it’s almost not there. And thrice found. And the day very short! However, he brought me a rabbit to feed his brother. It is not bad! It’s another chance, but I leave it unattended and go on rutting the trail. As a result long-eared passes in two hundred metres from the hunter, completing a huge circle, and goes to the mowed meadow, where no trace of even signs.

Sash, there’s another one there, can’t we?
— See yourself.
— Here a short time, — think I will — well, no, and no!

Directly here absolutely nearby, and in ten minutes we try to parse the traces of feeding. Saskin doublet is booming unexpectedly and I can’t see it.

— So far it was?
— Yes the first is very close, but missed, and the second I do not understand!

Blood on the trail is not visible, but the jumps are quite short, and not flying away from the swamp rabbit, as is usually the case. Gesture call attention to Sasha, and Wade among the bushes and tussocks. No!
It’s no accident he’s from hummocky comes out. Visible, tightly hooked his charge. But the blood is still there, just the imprint of the right hind legs of some fuzzy. Surprised to see that the imprint crosses our tracks minutes ago. Yeah! He walks right in front of us! Make the go-ahead to Alexander in the direction of the intended turn. Only would not work on stubble! There is no snow at all, and the wounded animal will be lost for sure. But thoughts are material, and that is exactly what happens. In the direction of rabbit lake, where there are several cars lovers of ice fishing, Rotana, near circular patch of uncut grass diameter of about thirty meters.

— Sanya, he has nowhere more to go! There he is! — warmly I whisper to my partner.

And then everything just — Sasha went to the right and began to comb through the uncut plot, occasionally showing his feet and pointedly raising his finger above his head. The answer popped up on the net in fifteen measures from me…

— Well here! Did you ever doubt that — I share the joy with each other.
Labour! says happy with Sasha.
— No, Sasha! Labour got away, this freebie!

In any weather the witch hunters have no hope of success? I always say that when they stayed at home, citing bad weather.


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