When creating new antibiotics can use ants


При создании новых антибиотиков могут использовать муравьев Scientists have identified 12 types of antimicrobial compounds produced by ants.

A unique new study was conducted by a team of specialists.

It was found that sixty per cent of the species of ant is capable of producing antibiotics, which can help humanity in a moment of crisis of addiction to already existing types of drugs.

Prior to this, the researchers were able to identify that these insects produce their own substances to counter diseases, but this experiment could prove that substances will help people in the fight against various diseases.

The authors from the University of North Carolina found that some of the most common insects on the planet able to deal with a huge list of diseases. Ants produce twelve kinds of specific antimicrobial agent, which is transferred to their ekzoskeleta.

Now this business experts will be engaged to develop the methods of the obstacles of antibiotic resistance.


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