WhatsApp will give intelligence agencies access correspondence users


WhatsApp предоставит спецслужбам доступ к перепискам пользователейIn the near future the security services will have access to the communications of users of WhatsApp.

Security forces justify the need to abandon the encryption of the correspondence of the fight against terrorism. The WhatsApp messenger will have to abandon the end-to-end encryption, which protects personal information of its users, at the request of the company Facebook, which recently became the owner of the service. In turn, its representatives work closely with the US authorities who want to have access to the correspondence users.

Intelligence agencies have found that terrorists and other criminals prefer to coordinate their actions through popular online services, including WhatsApp.

The power Ministry discussed this issue with the head of Facebook mark Zuckerberg and asked them to weaken the encryption in the messenger. In theory, this would allow security services to explore interesting messages.

Zuckerberg agrees that such a step would enable States to increase the security of its citizens, and strongly supports this initiative.

The only obstacle to the weakening of encryption correspondence remains us law. While it is not known whether the intelligence agencies to circumvent all its nuances and to succeed.

It is expected that innovation can come into force next year.

We wrote about that deadly game Momo, which spread around the world, defused in Japan. Bot that sent users WhatsApp threats and tasks predispose people to suicide, a few weeks terrorized of messenger users from different countries.

But it failed to disarm. Early assumptions were confirmed – the bot was actually created by a Japanese hacker.

From this Momo heard nothing for over a month. Then her case was continued “clones”. And copies of the Momo very much. On the Internet “walks” a few phone numbers from which Momo allegedly called WhatsApp users.

Experts on cybersecurity have warned that curious to call or write Momo by should not be. So you can access the information on your gadget.


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