WhatsApp is testing a new feature


WhatsApp тестирует новую функциюThe developers of WhatsApp messenger has introduced the function of protecting its users from spam.

Before sending similar messages will pop up a message “Message has been forwarded many times.”

Many of the users of the application to transmit textual information often complained that they often come spam messages with viruses or other strange information. Sometimes their friends are doing the forwarding chain with verses, just clogging up the chat. The developers of WhatsApp decided to implement a reliable protection against such shipments. For example, if the message was sent once, then the app will not do this again. This applies to all types of information, including fake news. Programmers have built a special feature that detects any suspicious the text file and prevents its further forwarding.

The developers indicate that this protection was implemented on Mac and Android, and is already fully functioning. According to users, this innovation has become the most desired for all the years of improvements, WhatsApp messenger.


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