WhatsApp introduced a new feature to protect


How to block app by fingerprint.

Security is hardly a fad WhatsApp. Not a month goes by that the messenger has not found another vulnerability that allows either to spy on its users, or – even worse – to interfere in the correspondence and to make changes, reports the Chronicle.info with reference to portaltele.com.ua.

But the developers seem oblivious to the claims of researchers, continue to stick to their guns and insist on unproblematic WhatsApp and extend its functionality. One of the latest innovations of the messenger function, protection chat with a thumbprint.

Rumors about the appearance of the protection function of the correspondence of the fingerprint in WhatsApp appeared even in the winter. Obviously, all this time, the developers tested the innovation, assessing its advantages and disadvantages. So even now it is not available in the release version of the messenger, spreading only among a closed circle of beta testers. Tell how to circumvent this limitation and to protect your chats now.

How to block WhatsApp

  • Download the beta version of WhatsApp with the build number 2.18.221 on your smartphone;
  • Install it and go to “Settings”;
  • In the section with your privacy settings look for the option of protection with biometrics and open it;
  • Here activate the protection of the messenger the finger and set the period after which he will be blocked;

Now download WhatsApp from memory and try to activate it again to access chat you have to use fingerprint.

Remember that the beta version of WhatsApp, which includes the function of protecting the access to chat with biometric data, maybe for the worse to be different from the usual release build. This is due to the fact that the test versions of applications usually contain certain defects, which affect the important functions and overall stability of the program.

In addition, it is important to note that WhatsApp does not require re-registration of the fingerprint, and receives from the smartphone directly. Thus, if you want to hide their correspondence from their family members, the fingerprints are stored in the memory, we recommend you to attend to their removal (prints, not family members!). Otherwise, biometric security can ensure the safety of your chats. Well, if you can’t handle WhatsApp, you can always use Telegram. There is a feature to protect the imprint too.


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