What you need to know about the new operating system Android Pie


Что нужно знать о новой операционной системе Android PieGoogle promises users a lot of new changes in Android 9.0.

Google has presented another update for smartphones. 9th generation Android promises major changes in design and functionality, however the full version will be widely available only in the fall.

In the early 2010s, the confrontation between Apple iOS and Google Android, it was obvious users were still in the euphoria of the first iPhone, and Google was just taking its first steps in the development of its own operating system for smartphones.

Now the situation has changed dramatically. According to the portal Statcounter, the number of Android phones in the world almost 4 times more than mobile devices with iOS.

It is clear that Apple has no entry-level smartphones, and for many countries their products are too expensive, but even on the US market, Android is close behind and captured nearly half of all users.

To strengthen the position of the OS from Google last updated Android 9.0 c code name “Pie”. Edition of The Verge and The Next Web have collected the main functions of a fresh software.

Immediately in the trends – “the unibrow” and a camera with multiple lenses. Android Pie adjusted applications with a favorite of some users notch and complex camera modules, now the application should function without the previous bugs.

In addition to the changes in design and performance – the new OS has become more personalized and contextual. For example, when you connect headphones, the App Actions may automatically display a favorite playlist, and the function Slices will offer shortcuts that will be relevant at some point.

Much attention is paid to applications in the Digital Wellbeing package includes a special timer that can limit the use of certain programs.

And in the notification settings you can now see which apps are most often popping up and distracting you. Notification history for the previous week will show a list of apps that were the most annoying, and you will be able to turn them off.

While pressing power button in Android 9.0 displays not only the proposal to shut down or restart the phone, but the ability to take a screenshot or completely lock the device so that it does not react neither Touch ID nor Face ID or other ways to unlock the screen.

Such function is envisaged to protect your phone from intruders.

In the lower control panel also added a new menu access and button landscape screen orientation. You don’t have to pull the entire panel to find the desired function or to block the automatic change of position of the screen when it is turning.

Among the minor changes: updated OS itself disables the access point if it is not connected to a device; modes of selecting text magnifier; the system can mute notifications while watching video and listening to audio; lock screen now shows the weather and battery status.

In addition, in this version of Android greatly expanded the functions of a Bluetooth headset. The smartphone can connect up to 5 remote devices, the system will automatically determine, how from the bottom you need to take an incoming call and sinhroniziruete the volume level with the phone.

Android 9.0 was similar to the iOS version, because it could not be rolled back to the previous updates. So, whether you like it or not, you still have to wait for the next generation OS.

So far the update is only available for owners of smartphones Pixel, and the remaining several months will be forced to experience a limited demo options.

Those users who are not owners of Pixel, we need to be patient at least until the autumn, when the Pie starts to go to the device Android One, Xiaomi Mi 2S Mix, Sony Xperia XZ2, Essential Phone, Nokia 7 Plus, Pro R15 Oppo, Vivo and OnePlus X21 6.


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