What would happen if a homeless person to give 100 000$ ?


In 2005, a homeless man named Ted Rodrigue stumbled upon the portfolio, which found 100 of thousands of dollars (at current exchange rate is about 123 thousand dollars) denominations $20 and $50.

Что будет, если бездомному дать 100 000$ ?

Screenwriter Wayne powers, who owned the briefcase, gave Ted the money, saying that now he can do with them what you wish, but under one condition – he must give permission to a film crew to document the result. Rodrigue, of course, agreed, which led to the emergence of a somewhat controversial documentary called “Twist of fate”.

According to Powers, the idea of making this documentary came to him during his stay in Los Angeles, where he often asked for money homeless people. He then thought: “And what happens if you give someone a million dollars?” Powers was curious to see if such a huge amount of money to change a person’s life for the better. He shared his thoughts with the Director of the American cable television channel “Showtime”, for which he wrote the script. The producers liked the idea, but they were not willing to give a million dollars for it, so after some negotiations the amount was reduced to 100 thousand.

Powers decided to choose Ted after talked several times with him on different topics and came to the conclusion that he too has suffered a lot in her life so deserve a break from misery.

Ted told Powers: “Looking back, I realize that my childhood was terrible. My mother was an alcoholic. She always made the house drinking. We had to steal her beer. Sometimes she would let us make a couple of SIPS. I started drinking – I drink from the age of thirteen years.” In 14 years, Ted left home. “All my youth I spent in prison. I felt useless. After I was released, help me to not wait on anybody. I started learning to survive on the street alone… My dream is to live in society as an ordinary citizen. But it is unlikely to be fulfilled. Well, to hell with her! I say this because I know how to survive here on the street. If something goes wrong or I get angry at the boss, I can easily say, “to Hell with you!”, then I will move on. I do that all my life.”

At the beginning of the filming of old Rodrigue lived on the streets for about two decades. He procured the money that was collected cans and bottles. On the day he is an average worker earned about $ 20; the money he had to buy food, alcohol and cigarettes.

Despite the absence of the house, Ted said that he himself feels happy. “I like to collect bottles because I have no points, what should I do. I do this whenever I want. I don’t answer to anyone. If I decide today not to go out and wish to just sit in the Park, I won’t get in”.

Ted even had valuable property in the form of a bike that every week he lovingly washed at the car wash.

According to the documentary film, before Ted got a hundred thousand dollars, he had a friend Mike who worked at a local factory for recycling.

Ted avoided the drug because of a bad experience that he had to experience in my life. “I tried all the available drugs. I know what they are doing. You are becoming inadequate. I broke into people’s homes to steal from their friends…”

Thus, after passing the drug test, which showed negative results and a psychiatric examination, Ted was the ideal candidate to participate in a little experiment powers.

After completion of the preparatory phase powers and the members of the crew decided to hide the briefcase with the money in the dumpster where Ted usually was looking for empty cans and bottles. When Ted found the briefcase, he showed remarkable restraint; in a subsequent interview he said he even wanted to turn around and walk away, leaving the money untouched in the trash. “I thought it was the money from the sale of drugs and would kill me if I’ll take them. Then my head flashed the thought that it was props for a movie that I will have to return”.

After powers convinced Ted that the money belongs to him, he finally got a roof over my head.

Since then, the filmmakers did not interfere in the life of Ted: they were just watching his daily routine and filming everything on camera. However, he was allowed to discuss its Affairs with a financial Advisor whose advice he could either adopt or ignore.

So, what was the result?

After a brief meeting with a financial Advisor Ted bought a new bike and went with Mike to the amusement Park. Then he took off his Motel room, where slept the whole time on the floor because he could not get used to soft beds. As you can see, up to this point financial solutions Ted was quite restrained – and probably initially would have done so to each of us.

But then something happened that is very reminiscent of the events in the life of the people who won the lottery a large sum of money: one-third of them become bankrupt within five years, others subsequently suffer from social problems and depression (even if they are reasonably handle money), third bankrupt their friends and relatives.

Financial Advisor Szifra Burke says: “the Majority of people who are incredibly lucky to get rich – be it through the lottery, insurance recovery, or an unexpected inheritance – take wrong decisions due to the lack of skills of handling money.”

So, what exactly happened with the life of Ted? Shortly after he found the briefcase with the money, he started to get homeless people asking for help. Being a good person, Ted graciously helped their “friends”, paying off debts and providing for them financially. Around the same time Ted met a woman he liked very much when she found out that he has 100 of thousands of dollars. And she was not alone. “Women and hovered around me. I came out of the bar to get away from it all, and they chased me. It wasn’t me, it’s money. I knew it. I’m not a fool.”

At this time Ted has mastered the art of, as he put it, “sex and roll”. However, he was generous to women, slept with one of them even gave the car.

Next, Ted took a leave from Pasadena to visit his family living in Sacramento. His mother had long ceased to communicate with him, and with her sisters had a difficult relationship. However, the footage shows that, unlike other people, relatives of Ted showed genuine concern for his welfare, and instead ask him for money, invited him to stay with them in Sacramento to find a job, and also advised not to waste the acquired as waste. Sister of Ted was even called a different company on its behalf in search of work, which he loved the most – the construction of buildings.

However, Ted did not appreciate their efforts. He didn’t like the fact that they intervened in his life. Soon Ted stopped to meet with your financial Advisor, considering that he was he just wanted money, just like everyone else.

In the end, it turned out that Ted was not interested in finding work because he believed that 100 thousand dollars it will last until the end of life. This is a statement he made shortly after I spent $34 000 on an SUV and several thousand for a luxury apartment.

Ted, judging by the conversations, was not a fool; perhaps he just needed a little education. Most likely, he knew that money is not eternal, but life from day to day without thought of tomorrow made itself felt. Ted’s not too worried about the work, because was afraid to be on the street. Instead, he focused on the moment, that basically always did before.

The act of Ted may seem foolish and improvident, but even the most intelligent and thoughtful people who are lucky enough to win the lottery or suddenly become rich some other way, tend to do the same – spend money on themselves and everyone they know, as long as the pocket they will not remain a penny. In the case of those fortunate enough in my life to win a large lottery jackpots, this happened all the time, even against the advice of financial advisors. As for those people who spent money sparingly, not giving anything to your friends and relatives, many of them subsequently because of the reluctance to share have lost their loved ones, depressed, started using drugs and committing suicide. For this reason there is even such a “black” joke: “If you really hate the person, buy him a lottery ticket.”

A few months later, after Ted had received 100 thousand dollars, the filmmakers began to worry about how much money he has. It made Ted think about your financial situation. For this reason, it ceased to provide them with reports on the expenditure of funds.

About a year later Ted appeared in an episode of the Oprah Winfrey show called “are you ready for unexpected luck?”. It was attended by various people who suddenly became owners of vast amounts of money. After they became rich, their life went downhill. During the show Ted sheepishly admitted that he spent and gave away all 100 thousand dollars, which gave him six months, and now he is again homeless.

Ted was outraged by this whole situation and partly unhappy, but it was unfazed by the fact that he returned to his former life. For six months, Ted had to get married, but his marriage fell apart as soon as he ran out of money. All the new “friends” Ted quickly evaporated when his pockets became empty. (Mike, to whom he gave a car, and forgot about it.) Moreover, Ted has acquired the debt, but the specific amount he refused to name.

Where he lives now and what he does is unknown. Last heard of him in 2007 – two years after the release of the film. He still had a roof over his head and engaged in recycling cans and bottles.

Powers later wrote: “To some extent it was a frustrating process because I think that Ted had plenty of opportunities to change your life… When You are with someone closer together, rooting for him with all my heart and soul, then You become very sad that people do not want to grab the existing opportunities. This story suggests that in people who have no homes, live demons… I think that this failure played a significant role alcohol. We think that if you give a man everything you need – a car, a phone, a roof over my head, driving license, etc. – he’ll live a normal life, but in this case it was not enough”.

So what is the answer to the question “What would happen if a homeless person (and not drug addicts and sensible) to give 100 thousand dollars?” Almost the same thing that usually happens to normal people who win, or in some other way get a huge amount of money. Their life usually deteriorates, or remains the same, not counting the resulting depression and other problems.


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