What we want to know about FSB in the “answer”


Что мы хотим знать о ФСБ в "ответ"

Marasmic order (the project), which is preparing to publish the Ministry of communications, leaves no doubt that at the end of its existence “vertical” finally went nuts and decided to protect themselves from the people to the last ordinary police. If the order is signed, soon the whole country will become what more than 70 years ago warned us, George Orwell in his immortal “1984”. Big Brother, all-seeing and all-knowing, ready to climb in bed to all the inhabitants of the country called the Russian Federation.

But the FSB, interior Ministry, investigative Committee, the Prosecutor, the court and other “Abvgdejka” are on the taxes of citizens, that is our with You, dear Russians, money. Not Putin or Medvedev pay their salaries, buy equipment, communications equipment and machinery, build buildings, invest in equipment cabinets, etc. — all You do, the people of Russia.

Now, the FSB decided to take all of us using the Internet, “under the hood”. Of course, they lie that it is in our interests. This is complete bullshit. Current FSB operates primarily in the interests of a narrow group of people seized in the country’s political power. Today, these people brought the country “to handle” dead scared that people understand it, which they have long cheated by using the captured media, mostly television, turned into mired in lies propaganda “zomboyaschik.” Therefore, it is important to shut the mouths of anyone who dares the Internet to tell the truth and to expose the crimes of government. Even just to communicate freely. So who is the FSB of the people’s money? Alas, not to the people, not the Constitution and not law. Today FSB officers again turned into the servants of liars, corrupt, thieves and just got deep into the pocket of the Russian state, which these officials believe thieves are their lawful prey.

We, the citizens of the Russian Federation, containing on the money all this Armada FSB, you want to know about it “in response”?
We want to understand why it is so helplessly fighting official corruption, struck the entire state apparatus. Why the threat of terrorism over the years has not diminished, and organized crime has long grown together with the power in the country? Why the billions of dollars stolen from Russian taxpayers, to freely flow away to the West, where they continue to enjoy family the people who stole those billions?

Why in the courts, the consequence for taking bribes close to almost any criminal case? Why the security forces protect the entire economy of Russia without having to remove the shoulder straps? Why technical control of premises, telephone conversations, mail and other communication channels, as well as other operational and technical methods are used in commercial or political purposes, and not solely for the protection of the country and the people from the real enemies? Why a criminal case on the FSB-shnym articles of the criminal code of the plant at bloggers and Housewives, sending domestic SMS-skiing, and not frostbite Polonsky and Kiselev, openly sowing hatred and enmity between peoples and social groups?

We want to know that not one of Your Lord of the FSB-schnick, “secret” reports or idle speeches, and through independent prosecutors, reporting to Parliament through the investigation independent of the Executive of the court, from a honestly chosen Deputy of the state Duma, included in the brand power and the Plenipotentiary Commission of parliamentary control. The Commission is able to expose Your lies, falsification of criminal cases and the gross violation of the constitutional rights of the citizens that hired you, gentlemen, to serve the people, there’s 145 million citizens, not a handful of corrupt officials and corrupt hypocrites, to cover You from any attempts of the citizens to demand that they account for their actions.

And then, believe me, gentlemen officers of the Russian special services, we have the whole society with great pleasure and dedication will help those of You who are willing to work according to the Constitution, to expose all internal enemies of our great, free and democratic state.


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