What to prepare the Rothschilds?


К чему готовятся Ротшильды?

If the Rothschilds sell his ancestral mansion, then expect trouble.
Bank the heirs of the Rothschild Nancy klaric Tillman and Jeffrey R. Hoguet sold property at 5 400 hectares to the family of Prinzhorn. They reported that such transactions are in their family are quite rare. The amount of the deal remains secret. However, the local Trend magazine wrote that she was about 90 million euros.

Why the Rothschilds have sold a large forest land in Austria owned since the nineteenth century?

Many have heard about the collapse of the Dow Jones 1,000 points in 15 minutes before the end of the day. In the end, the day ended for them at 4.6%, respectively.

The next day the American markets followed Asian: Japanese Nikkei fell by 6.6%, Chinese Hang Seng by 5%, Shanghai Composite — on 2,2%.

Most interesting is that the fundamental reasons for this decline are not. At least mere mortals do not talk about it. Usually on TV interpretiruya everything is exactly the opposite. Here is a good example:

К чему готовятся Ротшильды?

Time percenter (bankers) coming to an end

To understand the trends 2018 we helped a retired Colonel, Soviet leader intelligence, military sinologist and political scientist Andrei Petrovich Devyatov. His information fits into current events and explains some of them.

Briefly, in 2018-2020, we will form a new financial and economic system on the blockchain technology. It is not compatible with the petrodollar, and therefore, the existing system is subject to transformation and partial destruction.

Devyatov says that the money stored in offshore accounts are to be reset, as well as the debt of the world countries. (In what ways that is a separate topic of conversation)

Tycoon know an impending collapse of the existing financial bubble and begin to reduce their spending, getting rid of liabilities. Actually this can explain the sale of their land. You can see how reducing the number of luxury and other bankers.

Andrey Petrovich argues that with the introduction of new digital money income percenter (the bankers) will be reduced by almost 70%. Therefore, such global changes you need to prepare in advance.

New digital money

I guess pumping bitcoins real money in 2017 (growth rate of bitcoin) is a kind of prelude, to draw attention to themselves. It is clear that the course is now heading for the bottom. To maintain it at the same level is quite dangerous, as it is not solved critical security issues.

Literally in the first days of January, the world learned about two serious vulnerabilities in the most common computer processors (Meltdown and the Spectre). At the time of this writing, all released solutions do not give 100% protection.

The risk of losing earned cryptocurrency is quite high. Experts believe that it will take from several months to several years before this problem will be completely solved.

With regard to bitcoin exchange rate, analysts of the stock market reminded 2013. Then there is something like that.

К чему готовятся Ротшильды?

After the collapse of the existing financial system, the cryptocurrency will become quite an attractive alternative. About the prospects of the new digital world for ordinary citizens I wrote here. (nothing good)

All discerning readers I recommend to consult the original source. The only way to obtain knowledge without distortion.


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