What to play on holidays: a selection nastolok to 23 February and 8 March


Very soon will come the long-awaited “male” 23 Feb, and it is close to the “women’s” March 8. In connection with these wonderful events, our darling government has allocated us two additional output. How to spend these days the best? Of course, to play Board games. Publisher Hobby World has prepared a selection of cool desktop hits for him and her.

The game for him

This action-Packed game in the style of Gothic fantasy, developed by native authors. You find yourself in a cursed town where your main task — to survive. You must hold out for three days and three nights, and fend off all bloodthirsty monsters, get rid of the curse and leave the city. For this you will need to combine their efforts with other participants, but that each player pursues his personal goals and obsessed with his own inner demons with which to meet does not want.

The Horror Of Arkham. The last hour
In this game you will take the role of detectives and allotted only one hour to save humanity from awakening the Ancient. Your task: do not let the monsters to capture the Miskatonic University and reverse the insane summoning of the ancient gods. This is a quick cooperative game, which takes place in the world of the legendary HP Lovecraft, where the ancient and forgotten horrors hidden from us behind the veil of reality, and the detectives are on the brink of madness.

Epic fight battle mages
In this crazy series of games you have to prove yourself the greatest wizard in all the Kingdom, and those who disagree will get a kick out of the tough spell. The game is filled with black humor and stunning illustrations by nick Edwards. The rules are very simple, but a lot of emotions and true fervor guaranteed.

Star wars. Legion
Where without galaxy far, far away?! You are waiting for an exciting battle using highly detailed plastic miniatures. Each player is a commander, controlling an army of heroes, of ordinary soldiers and military equipment. The soldiers are on maneuvers, lead the barrage of Blaster weapons carried out the deadly duels lightsaber and perform other actions in an effort to solve problems that are critical to them.

Generals: world war II
Expand on his Desk the major battles of the Second world war, or rewrite history to your liking! Take command of one of the powers: the USSR, Britain, USA, Germany, Italy or Japan. Team up with allies and lead joint operations. Arrange a rapid RAID on pearl Harbor, or keep the onslaught of the German armies to Moscow. Although it may be better to send Soviet tanks to India or push coalition and axis in the battle for China? In the end, it’s never too late to have a section of America between the Japanese Empire and the German Reich.

Games for it

Enough to watch a cooking show on TV – it’s time to take part in it! Take a deep breath, gather strength and begin to conquer culinary Olympus! “Kulinarium” — table cooking game for foodies. The rules are simple, but very original, and the gameplay is insanely fun. You have to prepare different meals, playing cards. What is the recipe to choose for cooking? Simple, but yielding few points, or more difficult, but require rare ingredients?

Build and customize your dream home! It is a beautiful and cute game in which you will choose the cards tools, furniture, rooms, and also to make the best of everything goes to you. Place the card in your house so that the rooms have enough space and all the furniture was placed as directed. Let your house be the most comfortable and convenient.

Sun valley
It’s a simple but fairly deep Board games for those who love to fantasize and use your imagination. Draw objects, place houses, roads, sunflowers and sheep on the personal playing field the most efficient manner. You can not just redraw the sheep in the fields, but also to give each of them individuality with one sunglasses and the other pririsoval umbrella.

Scary stories
Fans of you tales? And want to write one? Now you have great opportunity feel like a real writer. In a fantasy world don’t always end well. A dense forest full of bloodthirsty and terrible creatures: the mighty ogres, evil witches and the mysterious children of the night. Choose faithful companions and servants, indulge in the enchanted and magical items and use the extraordinary ability. What is the end of your tale?

Gravity Falls

The magical town of Gravity falls is a wonderful place to rest there. That’s just besides the pleasant and amazing miracles sometimes there are monsters. The next invasion of monsters to stop you, taking control of the heroes of the animated series. Dipper, Mabel, Stan, SOOS and Wendy have during the game to enlist the support of town residents to cope with the scourge.


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