What to do if the sore back and joints


Что делать, если болят спина и суставыDoctors suggested to eliminate pain in the joints and back.

Pain in the lumbar region and between the shoulder blades, neck and other parts of the spine can appear as a consequence of a sedentary lifestyle, but also because of the earlier injury, heavy physical exertion and age.

Most often to doctors with complaints of pain in the back and joints people who are overweight and sedentary work. Therefore, the first and main advice is: be physically active and bring the weight back to normal.

Better on the joints affects a sport like swimming. It also strengthens back muscles and relieves pressure from the spine thus pain will recede into the background.

Weight training in the gym , too, should not be ignored. The only “but”, you need to engage with a professional trainer, otherwise you can not get rid of articular and vertebral pains, and provoke their appearance by performing the exercises incorrectly.

Morning exercise is the best way to maintain the health of the whole body was normal. This activity is available to everyone. In order to prevent diseases of the spine and joints, you should do exercises in the morning for 15-20 minutes and performing simple exercises.

To get rid of pain in joints may assist massage. Again, as in the case of swimming, the muscles come in tone, whereby the load on joints will be reduced.

As for weight loss, here and so everything is clear – need to reduce calorie intake, start to move more and to respect the day. When this way of life, people rarely complain about feeling unwell, back pain, “buzzing” joints, and so on.

The 100% way to eliminate back pain and joints, as well as to understand the reason of their occurrence is to consult a doctor. If none of the above methods do not help you and you continue daily to experience the aching, shooting pain in one part of the body, then a visit to the doctor should not be postponed indefinitely.


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