What the Ukrainians don’t have to pay in the hospital


From July 1, 2019 in Ukraine launched the second stage of medical reform.

The changes will affect all Ukrainians, because the state will assume the costs for consultation, tests and examinations. And from August 1, more than 50 types of procedures, the assurance of the Ministry of health, be totally free, reports the Chronicle.info with reference to obozrevatel.com.


From 1 August in Ukraine is starting the next phase of medical reform. Hospitals and doctors will get the money for a particular patient or procedure;

Also started the program “free diagnostics” — part of the procedures will be paid for by the state. Below mentioned a list of them;

Individual changes will also affect the remuneration of physicians. Cancel the so-called red list and all patients will have to make a Declaration. However, in some cases, emergency assistance will provide regardless of the situation.

What tests are included in the list?

Screening for common diseases of internal organs, heart, lungs and the most common cancer in men and women; 12 laboratory tests (creatinine in serum C-reactive protein, glycated hemoglobin blood coagulation).

These tests are added to the existing list of eight basic that should be provided to your family physician (for example, common blood test with leucocyte formula, urinalysis, blood glucose, total cholesterol, rapid test for troponin, etc.).

The list also includes:

mammography and five types of x-rays (chest, spine, joints, bones, and paranasal sinuses);

echocardiography, Holter ECG monitoring, and two types of test to determine pathologies of the cardiovascular system;

Ultrasound (gastrointestinal tract, kidneys, bladder, leg arteries, thyroid and mammary glands);

biopsy under ultrasound (thyroid, lymph nodes, mammary and prostate glands);

removal of neoplasms (soft tissue and skin, nose, throat, ears, example, removal of skin tumors with histological examination — sebaceous cyst, lipoma, nevus);

It is planned that by free diagnostics will also include endoscopic examinations and operations of one of the day of the esophagus, stomach, duodenum and colon, bladder, trachea and bronchi (hysteroscopy, colonoscopy, esophagogastroduodenoscopy, etc.).

Where to go?

For a free diagnosis you can contact as to public and private diagnostic centres, which will sign an agreement with the National health service (United NSSO). Now private hospitals that joined the medical reform, a bit. Most waiting, but many are contemplating the opportunity to join the next program.


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