What the Americans were surprised in Russia


Several decades of conflict between the USSR and USA were not in vain. During this time, the Russian and American peoples have formed a certain set of stereotypes about each other. But if there is direct communication between Russians and Americans, many of these misconceptions are crumbling, and in their place comes a cultural shock.

Чему американцы удивились в России

Common Russian moments of everyday life seem amazing to Americans and cause culture shock. Here are several striking examples of differences in the mentality of our people.

Russian do not like chatter

In the opinion of the Russian people, Americans are too talkative. At the meeting they talk loudly and incessantly. We are more reserved.

If an American talks about anything, he flavored his story a bunch of details. Russians speak more succinctly and accurately. American unaccustomed experience discomfort from the fact that you need to speak in short sentences, but just so we’re clear. Otherwise it will be called boring.

Met a neighbor, an American will surely ask him about his business, will say a few words about the weather, etc. Russian can just to say Hello.

Although Russian and seem not very talkative, they are friendly to foreigners. And if you ask a passerby the way, he patiently explain everything. And do it so that you don’t get lost, even bad knowing Russian language.

Another way of life

For an American, it seems surprising presence in Russia, the annual four-week paid leave. In the US, this does not happen. They really don’t know that it is not all Russians.

Russian walk more than Americans. We can come up with a family somewhere in the Park or stroll along the promenade. Americans move more cars, can sit in bar somewhere.

Russian, in the opinion of Americans, do not try to impose their point of view and not afraid to show who they are.

The tendency to superstitions

According to the Americans, the Russians too superstitious. Even if we don’t believe in different signs, we know all the same. Everyone knows that a black cat runs across the road to failure, and if the girl sits near the corner of the table, she will not marry. And numerous student superstitions!

Of course, most often we are not serious, but seeing a black cat, for some reason, stop and change direction.

Russian hospitality

In Russia, the guest will receive the most comfortable Slippers will be fed and watered. If he stayed overnight, he will provide the comfortable bed. Americans surprised, but Russian seems quite natural. What else can you do? After all, it’s a guest!

Yes, in Russia, guests are always welcome, especially if they came with good intentions and an open heart.

Author: Sergey Kuzmitskiy


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