What stress for men will be the most useful?


Какие нагрузки для мужчин будут самыми полезными?

Experts from the United States of America were able to establish what exercising should choose a man that would strengthen the heart and increase the joy in sexual relations.

Lauren Streicher, researcher from northwestern medical center, says that the least conflicts and problems in sex are exposed to loving people who have been diagnosed well and in good health. Thus, even small variations in health cause dysfunction, and in men. and women.

According to the authors, the choice of aerobic exercise is good for the cardiovascular system, and stimulates the circulation of the entire body. Do not exclude any private parts of men.

A scientist from the same center Laura Berman added that maintaining and strengthening the heart activity, the person is, in consequence, strengthens the sexual function for both sexes. Based on this, experts strongly recommend for everyone who is not able to come to the club to run. So you can keep normal work in your body all the vital organs.


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