What peels can do in the summer: tips beautician


Exfoliation of the face. Photo: unsplash.com

To skin beautiful at any time of the year, from time to time it needs updating. The basic rule is that the peeling in the summer should take place only at the level of the stratum corneum without damaging the dermis.

Scrubs exfoliate dead skin cells, smooth the surface, a slight massage effect and improves blood circulation.

Scrub. Photo: unsplash.com

The greatest danger in the peeling in the summer, is the appearance of age spots. Ultraviolet radiation in the summer is more aggressive than in other periods.

Skin cells responsible for producing pigment, melanocytes, are not on the surface, and are deeper in the deepest layer of the epidermis closest to the dermis. Therefore, those peels that will reach those layers of skin where melanocytes live, and are the most undesirable to select for the summer”, says beautician Marina Drozdova.

She advises summer to do an ultrasound, gas-liquid, enzymatic or chemical peeling.

Scrub. Photo: unsplash.com

Ultrasonic peeling is pushed up surface contamination and toxins, to rid the skin of accumulated sebum.

Gas-liquid peeling will remove the surface layer of the skin, damaging it and causing hyperpigmentation.

Enzymatic peel works gently. Enzymes can remove toxins, fight pollution and decay products, to improve blood circulation.

Chemical peels can be applied in the summer. Important here is that, on the basis of what acid is the peeling, its the percentage or, if applicable combined peeling, then the total percentage of acids and the PH of the composition.

Peeling based on milk or almond acids can be used both in winter and summer. Peels serum in a gel base, composed of several fruit acids such as malic, citric, lactic and tartaric are often used at the stage of deep cleansing skin treatments in the summer. More popular now acquired chemical peels based on gluconolactone and ferulic acid. But still, no matter how easy and safe or was used in chemical peels to choose and they should appoint a specialist after a proper examination,” said the beautician to the Kiz website.

Scrub. Photo: unsplash.com

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