What life is like for women in modern Saudi Arabia. Photo


Как живется женщинам в современной Саудовской Аравии. ФотоWomen actively fighting for their rights.

How do you organize your life women in the state, occupying the 130th place out of 134 in the ranking of the infringement of women’s rights.

The life of the 15 million female population of Saudi Arabia is subject to weight restrictions, but sudeki go to the tricks and excesses, to protect its legal position and to provide a minimum of freedom in the most closed country in the Muslim world.

Driving a car

Как живется женщинам в современной Саудовской Аравии. Фото

TraditionIn the twenty-first century, the Kingdom remains the only place on the planet where there is a ban on driving by females. A resident of the country, while abroad, do not miss the opportunity to get behind the wheel. But even the presence of international driving permit in their own country does not entitle them to receive driver’s licenses.

Changes: in the Summer of 2017, the book was published by one of the most prominent activists in Saudi Arabia, Manal al-Sharif “to Risk driving: a Young Saudi woman defied the Kingdom of men”. The publication was preceded by last year’s nine-day arrest, Manali driving. She’s not just sat behind the wheel of a car, and filmed it on video, and later added to YouTube, marking the beginning of the Grand acts of disobedience among other compatriots who followed suit. As she says, Manali: “the Struggle is not to drive the car. We are talking about how to become a driver of their own destiny”.

Participation in outdoor sports events

Как живется женщинам в современной Саудовской Аравии. Фото

Tradition: In the female school and University sport has received little attention, and access to the outdoor sports competitions the beautiful half of Saudi society and even forbidden.

Changes: in 2012, Sarah Attar and Wijdan, Sugarcane became the first women’s team of the Saudi Kingdom at the Olympics in London. They were in such sports as athletics and judo. And although the sports results the girls were not impressive, their names went down in history.

The consent of the guardian

Как живется женщинам в современной Саудовской Аравии. Фото

Tradition: Seems to savagery, but a woman in Saudi Arabia cannot marry or file for divorce, get an education, work and travel. Even to rent an apartment, open a Bank account or to do the surgery for medical reasons, according to the regulations of the country you must first obtain the permission of a Mahram — men-guardian.

Changes: Aziz al-Yusuf — another well-known figure among Saudi women — fighters for their rights. Last year she took an active part in the movement for the abolition of guardianship by men. The campaign quickly gained momentum on the Internet, and more than 14,000 girls Aziza signed a petition demanding the abolition of the rules of guardianship.

The country’s leadership made concessions. By decree of king Salman bin Abdul-Aziz al-Saud, dated 17 April, 2017 resolved, that the foster care system will finally be revised. According to the Royal decree, the state bodies within three months should make new laws to abolish guardianship and provide a simplified list of procedures for which the consent on the part of men is required. How large and deep are the changes needs to be assessed.

Rules of sexual segregation

Как живется женщинам в современной Саудовской Аравии. Фото

Tradition: to assess the severity of the laws in Saudi Arabia, it is enough to know that a woman can be punished simply for talking to a male who is not her close relative.

Public places and institutions in the country divided into male and female areas. Separately trained in educational institutions, a clear dissociation is observed in restaurants, cafes, shops and offices. Even such international companies as McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, Starbucks, provide the country with separate areas for men and women.

Changes: the Development of social networks has given the opportunity to circumvent existing bans and to select a circle at least virtual communication independently, showing some caution. And the opening in 2009 of the first joint school to teach boys and girls the hope for liberalization of the existing order in communication between the sexes.

One of the figurants of the list of Forbes, the CEO of Saudi Olayan financial company and well-known activist in the fight for women’s rights Lubna Olayan the first to talk about the abolition of sex segregation, arguing it needs to build a developed economy in the country. Although the proportion of the employed female population is 17%, every other working woman has a higher education. For comparison, among men, the diploma of higher education can boast of only 16%. Women use every opportunity for education, whether distance learning or study abroad, which was made possible in 2008 with the consent of the guardian.

And in may 2017, the daughter of the American President Ivanka trump is widely known due to the active position in the employment of the female population, held a meeting with Saudi women leaders, noting later in his instagram: “Need for empowerment and involvement of women knows no boundaries and cultures. Whether in the United States or Saudi Arabia, we must recognize that empowerment of women is a key factor in the process of economic change”.

Married on their own

Как живется женщинам в современной Саудовской Аравии. Фото

Tradition: in 2005, though brought into the Kingdom, the abolition of forced marriages, however, the agreement between father and future husband of the bride is still required. In such circumstances, when a woman generally does not participate in the negotiations about his fate, about any independent choice of the spouse and of speech can not be.

Changes: With the deadlock issue moved a little in 2016. The woman now receives a copy of the marriage contract and the possibility to protect their rights, including divorce. I want to believe that this change will not stop in the near future, every woman in Saudi Arabia will be able to choose a life partner, guided only by their own desire and heart.

The right to early release from prison

Как живется женщинам в современной Саудовской Аравии. Фото

Tradition: In Saudi Arabia there is a long tradition according to which the inmate can release prematurely if he memorize the Qur’an or get a pardon from the king in days of religious or national holidays. However, neither my memory nor at the mercy of the king sudekum serving sentences in prison can not count. A woman can be released only with the permission of a male guardian, who often insists on the extension of the term.

Changes: the Only weapon of women in this case to get publicity and attract global attention to their work. Sometimes this mechanism is triggered and happens to be the long-awaited release. “I think it is our obligation to fight for our civil rights. The authorities are moving in this direction and carried out many reforms, but we ourselves need to develop civil society, to develop non-profit organizations”, — said Princess Amira al-Tawil, an influential sudyka, Vice-President of the charity Fund Alwaleed Philanthropies, has repeatedly and publicly speaking in the foreign media for the empowerment of girls.

Dress code

Как живется женщинам в современной Саудовской Аравии. Фото

Tradition: According to the law, the fairer sex can appear in a public place, covering all parts of the body except for the oval of the face, hands and feet. In 2011, it was ordered to hide the eyes from the strange men.

The change: Women would not be women if it had not sought to assert their right to dress according to their own taste and trends of the time. Following the local style icons of sudeki increasingly dare to go beyond the black Abaya (traditional long dresses), experimenting with colors, styles and embellishments in her wardrobe. Princess Deena Abdulaziz al-Saud, due to its delicate taste, and a skilful combination of Eastern and Western innovations in his style, known far outside the country. Dean, in July last year spearheaded Vogue India, was the inspiration for a multimillion-dollar women of the Kingdom, and Christian Louboutin even named a pair of shoes in her honor.

Custody of their children

Как живется женщинам в современной Саудовской Аравии. Фото

Tradition: the Family code is another point where the female half of the population of Arabia and their rights infringed upon. The legislative framework of the Saudi Kingdom suggests that children who have reached the age of seven, are entirely at the mercy of the father. During divorce, joint custody of children is nothing to think, if the father expresses the wish that the children remained with him.

Changes: Thanks to the efforts of women who received in 2011 the right to enter the legislative Council, in 2013, domestic violence was considered a criminal offence. In the same year women were officially allowed to practice as lawyers in family court. Such, though minimal, changes in the direction of increasing women’s rights give hope that the legal position of wives and mothers in the country will be more secure. And the fact that the number of divorces by women’s initiative has increased in recent times, indicates greater confidence of women in their abilities and willingness to difficulties associated with the divorce process and life without her husband.

Witchcraft, magic

Как живется женщинам в современной Саудовской Аравии. Фото

Tradition: Islam is the official and only allowed religion in the state. Moreover, in the “land of the two Holy mosques”, in addition to the authority responsible for supervising compliance with the Shariah, there is also a special unit of the police catching the “witches”. Prohibited any activity by predicting the future, divination and incantations, sorcery and magic. And as ridiculous as may sound in the modern world these charges, the punishment provided is real — from jail time to execution. Since 2009, more than 500 people were detained under these articles. Two Saudek condemned only because they had found the talismans.

Changes: not yet.

Life does not stand still, and activists of Saudi Arabia in all ways toward the day when you can have all the rights and freedoms that are given to each person from birth, regardless of gender and country of residence.


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