What kind of political regime in Russia? Oligarchic kleptocracy


All scientists unanimously emphasize the Board President Putin was marked by unprecedented scale embezzlement and corruption in the highest echelons of power. Army public officials not only proliferated on an unprecedented scale, but also engaged in unimpeded, rampant theft. Rob their own people, the bureaucrats have taken (and continue to take) from the impoverished country billions of dollars, adding to their fabulous accounts in offshore and buying similar to palaces villas around the world.

The worst is that in the environment of high-ranking officials of the extent of the embezzlement and betrayal of national interests of the country acquired a mass, not a single character has turned into a kind of mental epidemic. Independent experts in the field of Economics is not called the current type of government in our country kleptocracy.

Corruption and embezzlement of all kinds and methods in modern Russia “running the show” with such force, such as was not never in the history of the country. A list of lost conscience (and with it the intelligence and honor, obviously) of higher officials can be continued indefinitely. The theft of national wealth was involved all who could — MPs and bankers, generals and oligarchs, prosecutors and judges, governors and Ministers— in a word, officials of all kinds and grades. This once again proves that in the current state of Russia is not to blame any one leader, and… the apocalyptic division of society into “people” and “animals” and a temporary power advantage.


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